Torchwood Gwen Cooper

Series 3


Eve Myles

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Day One

Gwen: All right Glyn? What’s occurring?
Glyn: I’ve been watching the bay. No sea monsters.
Gwen: Ah, still early.

Gwen: Anyone in? You two having shenanigans in the dark? Jack?

Dr. Rupesh Patanjali: You were neighbors, is that right?
Jack: We lived next door.
Ianto: He’s got no family to speak of. All on his own. We just keep an eye on him, you know.
Dr. Rupesh Patanjali: Well I’m sure he appreciated it. If only there were more like… you two in the world.

Ianto: He thought we were together. Like a couple. He said, “You two.” The way he said it, was like “ah… you two.”
Jack: Well we are. Does it matter?
Ianto: Dunno. It’s all a bit new to me, that’s all. Laser saw.

Dr. Rupesh Patanjali: Sorry, one more… {sees the extraction} thing.
Jack: There! Oo. Now look at it. That’s not human, is it? Does that look human? No it does not. It’s just a hitchhiker he picked up. Didn’t kill him.
Ianto: Some say they’re positively beneficial. They were release endorphins into the bloodstream. He died a happy man. {pulls out a plastic bin.} And I’ve got Tupperware.
Jack: And we’re very considerate. We don’t leave any mess. Thank you very much.
Ianto: We’ll just get out of your way.

Dr. Rupesh Patanjali: You’re Torchwood!
Jack: Never heard of them.
Dr. Rupesh Patanjali: There are bodies going missing.
Jack: How many?
Dr. Rupesh Patanjali: This whole city talks about you.
Jack: What bodies, where?
Dr. Rupesh Patanjali: It started two months ago. Bodies, taken down to the mortuary, then the records just stop. Five of them. Five in two months. And none of them white. One of West Indian descent, one African, three Chinese. All male.
Ianto: What was your name again?
Dr. Rupesh Patanjali: Rupesh. Rupesh Patanjali.
Jack: What do you think?
Ianto: NHS.
Jack: Yeah, too much red tape. Sorry, but good luck with it.

John Frobisher: Just tell me it’s something small. Tell me it’s a meteorite or a shadow on the moon. Just for once, tell me it’s easy.
Colonel Oduya: Might be nothing, sir. But it’s my job to inform the government even if it turns out to be a false alarm.
John Frobisher: Then what is it?
Colonel Oduya: Children, sir. It’s the children.

Ianto: You are going to get us killed.
Jack: No, you get killed, not me. You die like a dog. Like an ugly dog.
Gwen: Oy, Chuckle Brothers. I found something.
Jack: Yeah, well I want you to do a check on St. Helen’s Hospital, specifically the morgue.
Gwen: Well there’s a computer, do it yourself. {Ianto laughs.} Meanwhile I’ve been getting reports this morning of seventeen road traffic accidents happening right across the country. All the way from Glasgow to St. Ives.
Jack: Sounds about average.
Gwen: Well they all occurred between 8:40 and 8:41. Seventeen road traffic accidents happening in exactly the same minute and every single one of them involving children.
Ianto: That’ll be the school run.
Gwen: All of them just standing in the road. Not crossing the road. Just standing. I saw it myself, Jack. Two kids on Market Street, though. Well they just stopped.

Colonel Oduya: But the accidents are just one part of the picture. Because every other child stopped at the same time. And not just in Britain.

Ianto: Same report from France. Fifteen road traffic accidents. All timed around 9:40. They’re an hour ahead so it was simultaneous.
Gwen: All of them with children?
Ianto: Yep, hold on. Still cross-referencing. Here we go. Reports coming in of RTAs in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg…

Colonel Oduya: …Germany. India. Egypt. Guyana…

Ianto: …Spain, Portugal, Bosnia, Tokyo…

Colonel Oduya: …Singapore. At 8:40 GMT most of America was asleep. But even there, we’re beginning to get reports. I think we can assume it’s all of them, sir. As far as we can tell, at 8:40 this morning, every single children in the world stopped.

Day Two


Day Three


Day Four


Day Five

Gwen: There’s one thing I always meant to ask Jack. Back in the old days. I wanted to know about that Doctor of his. The man who appears out of nowhere and saes the world. Except sometimes, he doesn’t. All those times in history, when there was no sign of him, I wanted to know why not. But I don’t need to ask anymore. I know the answer now. Sometimes the Doctor must look at this planet and turn away in shame. I am recording this in case anyone ever finds it. So you can see… you can see how the world ended.

Gwen: The threat still stands.
John Frobisher: Haven’t we gone past that?
Gwen: My husband is still out there with everything you’ve done recorded on his laptop. One word from me and he would release that information to the public.
Frobisher: What do you think Torchwood is now? Do you think you’re still players?
Gwen: We can try.
Frobisher: We’re at a tipping point, right now. Civilization’s about to fall into Hell. You want to start that descent a little earlier, go ahead.
Jack: He’s right. Look what happened. Phone Rhys, tell him we’ve lost.

Do you want me to send the files?
Gwen: It’s too late, sweetheart. They’ve killed him. Not just Clem. They’ve killed Ianto.

PC Andy: Everyone’s on standby. It’s red alert. Riot gear and everything, all ready to mobilize. Except no one’s saying why. What’s going on?
Gwen: I can’t tell you.
PC Andy: I am the police!
Gwen: Right now Andy, I need you to drive this car. And if I told you…

Rhys: Hey! She’s pregnant.
Gwen: I’ll thank you. Who’s she when she’s at home?
PC Andy: Bloody hellfire.
Who’s the father?
Rhys: Oh, I’m slapping you, yeah?

Gwen: It’s Torchwood. That’s what did it. They give you retcon and chemicals and radiation and God knows what. Bloody pill didn’t stand a chance. That’s what Torchwood does, you see. It ruins your life.
Rhys: How is it ruined?
Gwen: You wanna have kids in a world like this, Rhys?
Rhys: You’re not getting rid of it.
Gwen: Is that right?

Gwen: What are they doing here?
Johnny: Well they’re not going to go to school—no way. If they want them they’ll have to come and get them.

Gwen: Look, I haven’t got time to explain, okay? But they’re coming for your kids, I swear.
Johnny: Don’t be stupid.
Gwen: Shut up. They’re going to come into your house and they’re going to take your kids and I’m sorry, but you’ve got to believe me. That’s why Ianto died, okay? He was trying to stop them. They’re gonna come and they’re gonna take your kids. You’ll never see them again. Never.