Simon Paisley Day

The Hounds of Baskerville


Young Henry: Oh hello. What is it, dear? Are you alright? Are you lost? Holmes drenched in blood: Well that was tedious. Watson: You went on the Tube like that? Sherlock: None of the cabs would take me. Sherlock: John. I need some. Get me some. Watson: No. Sherlock: Get me some. Watson: No. Cold…

In the Morning


George: So what are you, just flinging pottery around like a common poltergeist? Annie: Did you just call me a poltergeist! Mitchell— Mitchell, listen to this. This is classic, this is. Go on. Say it to Mitchell, go on. Say it again, go on. George: Would you just shut up for a millisecond? Mitchell, Sam…

The End of the World


The Doctor: Ten thousand years in the future. Step outside, it's the year 12,005. The New Roman Empire. Rose: You think you're so impressive. The Doctor slightly offended: I am so impressive. The Doctor: You lot. You spend all your time thinking about dying. Like you're going to get killed by eggs or beef or…