Phil Davis

Sticks and Rope


three months earlier Deckey (Daniel Kerr): Why are you in such a hurry? This place is friggin' mint. Alex: I told ya. I'm meeting someone. Deckey: Ah. So that's why you're dressed like a girl. You know Ryan says this fella must be a right munter. Alex: Well actually, he's dead handsome, has all his…

The Trinity


Northern France, 1918 Hal Yorke (Damien Molony): I knew you wouldn't be able to resist a chance to kill me. Lady Catherine (Victoria Ross): I'm surprised there wasn't a queue. Hal: This civil war between our clans has been raging for seven years. In fact, I believe it is what triggered the current war in…

A Study in Pink


A Study in Pink Therapist: How's your blog going? Dr. John H. Watson (Martin Freeman): Yeah good. Very good. Therapist: You haven't written a word, have you? Watson: You just wrote "Still has trust issues". Therapist: And you read my writing upside down. You see what I mean? John, you're a soldier. It's gonna take…