Penelope Wilton

The Stolen Earth


The Doctor: It's fine. Everything's fine. Nothing's wrong. It's fine. Excuse me, what day is it? Milk Man (Andrew Bullivant): Saturday. The Doctor: Saturday! Good! Good. I like Saturdays. Donna: So. I just met Rose Tyler. The Doctor: Yeah. Donna: But she's locked away in a parallel world. The Doctor: Exactly. If she can cross…

The Christmas Invasion


Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke): Who is he? Where's the Doctor? Rose: That's him. Right in front of you. That's the Doctor. Jackie Tyler (Camille Coduri): What'dya mean that's The Doctor? Doctor who? Rose: Both working. Jackie: What do you mean both? Rose: He's got two hearts. Jackie: Oh don't be stupid. Anything else he's got…

Aliens of London


The Doctor: It's not twelve hours. It's twelve months. You've been gone a whole year. {pause.} Sorry. Jackie (Camille Coduri) about Rose: How old are you? Forty, forty-five? What, did you find her on the internet? Go online and pretend you're a doctor? The Doctor: I am a doctor. Jackie: Prove it. Stitch this, mate!…