Noma Dumezweni

Planet of the Dead


Christina (Michelle Ryan): So terribly sorry. That card-paying device thing. That's a lobster card, am I right? Bus Driver (Keith Parry): Oyster card. Christina: Ah that's the problem you see. I only use my oyster when there's an "R" in the month. Bus Driver: It's April. Christina: Diamonds. Genuine. Drive. Bus Driver: Works for me.…

Turn Left


Fortune Teller (Chipo Chung): Tell your fortune, Lady. The future predicted, your life foretold. Donna: Oh, no thanks. Fortune Teller: Don't you want to know. If you're going to be happy. Donna: I'm happy right now, thanks. Fortune Teller: Oh, you're fascinating! But you're good. I can see... a man. The most remarkable man. How…