Luis Guzman

Season 2


Augustus Hill: I never lie. Not 'cause I'm so honest, but because I have a bad memory. And you can't be a good liar if you got a bad memory. Alvah Case: Ooo... Ryan O'Reily. Ryan: Yo, yo, that's me, mon. Case: Vehicular manslaughter, reckless endangerment, possession of controlled substances, possession of a deadly weapon,…

Other Prisoners


Dino Ortolani: Hey. Let me give you a slice of advice. Get yourself a weapon. Anyone tries to fuck with you, take 'em out. Tobias Beecher: Anything else? Dino Ortolani: Yeah. Don't smile. Ever. Kareem Said: I would give my life for you. Jefferson Keane: You gonna have to. Michael Healy: Well, your brother's a…