Arthur Darvill

Series 7


Asylum of the Daleks Rory: You have to sign these. Amy: And then we're not married? Rory: Just like magic. {she hurriedly signs them} Amy: Can't chat. Working. Rory: Really? I thought you were just pouting at a camera. {he leaves} Dalek: Rory Williams is acquired! Rory: Where are we? {he sees a Dalek fleet…

Series 6


The Impossible Astronaut Amy: “At the personal intervention of the King, the unnamed doctor was incarcerated without trial in the Tower of London.” Rory: Okay, but it doesn't have to be him. Amy: “According to contemporary accounts, two nights later a magical sphere some twenty feet across was seen floating away from the tower, carrying…

Series 5


The Eleventh Hour Dr. Ramstead: So. They all called out at once. That's what you're saying. All of them. All the coma patients. You do understand that these people are all comatose, don't you? They can't speak. Rory Williams: Yes, Dr. Ramstead. Dr. Ramstead: Then why are you wasting my time? Rory: Because they called…