Other Characters (Sherlock)

Series 3


The Empty Hearse Derren Brown: John. John. Look at me. Look at me. And sleep. Sleep. Right away down. Right away, sound asleep. That's good. That's good, the sound of my voice just there in the center of your head and floating all the way around you. And you will awaken in 3... 2... 1...…

Series 2


A Scandal in Belgravia Potential Client 1: My wife seems to be spending a very long time at the office. Sherlock: Boring! Potential Client 2: I think my husband might be having an affair. Sherlock: Yes. Comic Book Web site Guy: We have this web site. It explains the true meaning of comic books, 'cause…

Series 1


A Study in Pink Therapist: How's your blog going? Dr. John H. Watson (Martin Freeman): Yeah good. Very good. Therapist: You haven't written a word, have you? Watson: You just wrote "Still has trust issues". Therapist: And you read my writing upside down. You see what I mean? John, you're a soldier. It's gonna take…