John Watson

Series 3


The Empty Hearse Previously... Sherlock: It's a trick. Just a magic trick. Watson: No. All right stop it now. Sherlock: No, stay exactly where you are. Don't move. Watson: All right. Sherlock: Keep your eyes fixed on me. Please, will you do this for me? Watson: Do what? Sherlock: This phone call, it's, um... it's…

Series 2


A Scandal in Belgravia John Watson (Martin Freeman): What happened there? Sherlock: Someone changed his mind. The question is, who? Sherlock: What are you typing? Watson: Blog. Sherlock: About? Watson: Us. Sherlock: You mean me. Watson: Why? Sherlock: Well you're typing a lot. {the doorbell rings} Right then. So, what have we got? Sherlock: Geek…

Series 1


A Study in Pink Therapist: How's your blog going? Dr. John H. Watson (Martin Freeman): Yeah good. Very good. Therapist: You haven't written a word, have you? Watson: You just wrote "Still has trust issues". Therapist: And you read my writing upside down. Therapist: John, you're a soldier. It's gonna take you a while to…