Agent Kazdin: They would like it done as neatly and cleanly as possible. Mulder: Well. You're off to a hell of a start.

The X-Files Season 2

Duane Barry

1994.10.14    S02E05

CCH Pounder  David Duchovny  Gillian Anderson  Nicholas Lea  Steve Railsback

Duane Barry (Steve Railsback): I can’t breathe. Oh no, not again!

Agent Lucy Kazdin (CCH Pounder): His name’s Duane Barry. He’s armed with a nine millimeter Smith and Wesson, one nine round magazine. It is our belief that he’s prepared to use the gun and not afraid to die.
Mulder: What does he want?
Agent Kazdin: Safe passage for himself and his original hostage—a shrink named Hakkie.
Mulder: Passage to where?
Agent Kazdin: He’s bent on taking the doctor with him to an alien abduction site.
Only he can’t quite remember where the site is so he stopped at a travel agency.

Agent Kazdin: Look Agent Mulder, the guy is a psycho. Your object is to keep him on the phone. The longer you do, the more chances he’s not going to kill anybody. You stop to do a Freudian analysis, next thing you know you got four dead hostages. So whatever crap you gotta make up about spacemen or UFOs, just keep him on the phone.

Duane Barry: They’re not taking me again, you got it? They can take somebody else!

Mulder: Who is this guy? He’s FBI isn’t he.
Agent Kazdin: Former FBI.
Mulder: And you didn’t think to mention that?
Agent Kazdin: He’s been out of the Bureau since 1982. Institutionalized on and off for over a decade. It’s beside the point.
Mulder: The point being, the Bureau wants to minimize its embarrassment. Isn’t that it? That we can police our own.
Agent Kazdin: They would like it done as neatly and cleanly as possible.
Mulder: Well. You’re off to a hell of a start.

Krycek (Nicholas Lea): Is there anything I can do?
Agent Kazdin: Yeah. What’s your name again?
Krycek: Krycek.
Agent Kazdin: Krycek. Have you got your notepad? {he reaches into his pocket.} Grande, two percent, cappuccino with vanilla. Agent Rich? {she walks off as he tucks his notepad away.}

Scully: You’ve got to get him out of there.
Krycek: They’re working on it.
Scully: No, you’ve got to get him out of there now or he’s gonna be killed.
Krycek: How can you be sure?
Scully: Because Duane Barry is not what Mulder thinks he is.

Barry: How old was your sister when they took her?
Mulder: She was eight.
Barry: I’ve seen kids sometimes. Young girls.
Mulder: What are they doing to them?
Barry: Doing tests. You know, testing ’em. They tell them not to cry.
Mulder: Are they hurting them?
Barry: Oh yeah. Sometimes… sometimes it hurts real bad. And, uh, you just want to die, you know? You know know what it’s like, sir? It’s like living with a gun to your head. I never know when it’s gonna go off.

Scully: As you can see from his medical records, in 1982 Duane Barry was shot in the line of duty. The bullet piercing his bi-lateral frontal lobes.
Agent Kazdin: Right.
Scully: It effectively destroyed the moral center of his brain. Now, almost a hundred years ago there was a famous case. A man named Gage had a blasting rod pierce the same region.
Agent Kazdin: And what effect did it have?
Scully: He became a pathological liar, suffering from severe delusions. His behavior was characterized as bizarre and violent, with a tendency to act out his fantasies.

Barry: The government knows about it, you know? They’re even in on it sometimes. Right there in the room when they come. They work together. The, ah, secret corporation.
Mulder: Who in the government?
Barry: Men. Military. They’re all in it together. The government knows why they’re here, but they wouldn’t dare let the truth out. So they cooperate.
Mulder: You’re gonna have to deal with resolving this situation, Duane. Sooner or later.
Barry: I’m tired.
Mulder: There’s no other way out. You’ve got to tell them what you want to do.
Barry: I just want to go back to the place.
Mulder: What place?
Barry: Where it first started. Where they first came and got me.
Mulder: Where is that?
Barry: A mountain.

Scully: You okay, Mulder?
Mulder: Yeah.
Scully: Whatever you’re feeling, you did the right thing.
Mulder: It’s just that, ah, I believed him.
Scully: Sometimes when you want to believe so badly you end up looking too hard.

Scully: I need your help. Mulder! Mulder!