X: In case you haven't noticed, Agent Mulder, the Statue of Liberty is on vacation. The new mandate says if you are not a citizen, you'd better keep out.

The X-Files Season 2

Fresh Bones

1995.02.03    S02E15

Bruce Young  Callum Keith Rennie  Daniel Benzali  David Duchovny  Gillian Anderson  Jamil Walker Smith  Matt Hill  Steven Williams

Scully: Mrs. McAlpin believes voodoo was behind her husband’s death?
Mulder: Mrs. McAlpin doesn’t believe her husband killed himself. She wants to know who did.

Mulder: You’re Harry Dunham.
Harry Dunham (Matt Hill): Yes sir.
Mulder: You knew Private McAlpin. His wife said you were friends.
Dunham: We were in the same squad.
Mulder: Any idea why he might have killed himself?
Dunham: I can’t say, sir.
Mulder: Can’t say or you won’t say?

Pierre Bauvais (Bruce Young): My country was born on the blood of slaves. Freedom is our most sacred legacy.

Scully: Mulder, I need to speak with you.
Bauvais: She’s come to tell you the Marine is gone.
Scully: How did you know?
Bauvais: It’s the spirits. Loa has warned you.

Caretaker (Callum Keith Rennie): They beat ya to it. You’re the FBI, aren’t ya? {to the dog} Stay.
Mulder: Yeah.
Caretaker: Easy, Wong.
Mulder: We’ve arranged to exhume the body of Manuel Guttierez.
Caretaker: I prepared the dig as soon as I got the judge’s order but it’s too late.
Scully: Too late?
Caretaker: Yeah, the body snatchers got there first.

Caretaker: They can do what they like with the pigs and the chickens, but this is a desecration. This is uncool.

Chester (Jamil Walker Smith): Bauvais. His magic is the most strong. He even made my fries disappear!
Mulder: You know Chester, I got magic too. and I bet I can make your fries reappear. {he hands him some money}
Chester: Merci.

Dunham: Look, I had to warn you.
Mulder: You didn’t seem so interested in helping us before.
Dunham: I couldn’t talk then. Not with Colonel Wharton so close. {sees Chester} And not with him right there.
Mulder: Chester? He’s just a little boy.
Dunham: No sir, he is not.

Colonel Wharton (Daniel Benzali): Look, nobody ever said this was a hotel. But it’s far from a concentration camp.

X (Steven Williams): Your investigation is faltering, Agent Mulder.
Mulder: We’ve got a renegade Marine who may be violating every human rights provision.
X: These people have no rights. In 24 hours, all access to Folkstone will be restricted to military personnel. No press, no third-party monitoring.
Mulder: What about Scully and me?
X: You’ll be called back to Washington on a priority matter.
Mulder: They’re making the camp invisible. But why?
X: In case you haven’t noticed, Agent Mulder, the Statue of Liberty is on vacation. The new mandate says if you are not a citizen, you’d better keep out.

Mulder: You okay?
Scully: I feel better than you look. What happened?
Mulder: I don’t know.

Mulder: There was a boy. His name was Chester. Chester Bonaparte.
Jack McAlpin: Sure, Chester. Poor kid. He died six weeks ago in that riot.