The X-Files The X-Files Seasons

Season 4

1996.10.04    S04

Tom Braidwood  William B. Davis


Musing of a Cigarette Smoking Man (ep. 7)

“For nothing can seem foul to those that win.”

—Henry IV, Pt. 1 Act 5, Sc. 1

Scully: Now tell us what you’re so close to.
Melvin Frohike (Tom Braidwood): Not a what. A who. If you find the right starting point and follow it, not even the secrets of the darkest of men are safe.
Mulder: Cancer Man? What’d you find?
Frohike: Possibly everything. Even his background. Who he is. And who he wants to be.

Hoover’s Aide: Should we advise the President?
Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis): I work very hard to keep any president from knowing I exist.

Lydon: I’m working on next month’s Oscar nominations. Any preference?
Cigarette-Smoking Man: I couldn’t care less. What I don’t want to see is the Bills winning the Super Bowl. As long as I’m alive, that doesn’t happen.
Jones: Could be tough, sir. Buffalo wants it bad.
Cigarette-Smoking Man: So did the Soviets in ’80.
Jones: What are you saying you rigged the Olympic hockey game?
Cigarette-Smoking Man: What’s the matter? Don’t you believe in miracles?

Matlock(?): One thing internally, sir. That “spooky” kid who talked his way into opening the X-Files. Feels like trouble.
CSM: He’s mine to keep an eye on. sees the text alert Gorbachev has just resigned.
Matlock(?): There’s no more enemies.

CSM: How many historic events have only the two of us witnessed together, Ronald? How often did we make or change history? And our names can never grace any pages of record. No monument will ever bear our image. And yet once again tonight, the curse of human history will be set by two unknown men standing in the shadows.

CSM: Life is like a box of chocolates. A cheap, thoughtless, perfunctory gift that nobody ever asks for. Unreturnable, because all you ever get back is another box of chocolates. So you’re stuck with this undefinable whipped mint crap that you mindlessly wolf down when there’s nothing left to eat.


Scully: I don’t think that you ever stopped thinking about this case. I believe that you may have solved it in your sleep.
Mulder: So you think that I somehow had this information about a fourteenth victim all the time and I’ve been processing it unconsciously?
Scully: You said it yourself once. You said that a dream was an answer to a question we haven’t learned how to ask.

Mulder: Scully, do you believe that my sister Samantha was abducted by aliens? Silence. Have you ever believed that? No. So what do you think happened to her?

Scully: Mulder, what are these people dying for? Is it for the truth or for the lies?
Mulder: It’s gotta be for the truth. If we owe them anything it’s to make sure of that.

Mulder: Do you know where she is?
Scully: In a mental institution.
Mulder: I’d go with you, but I’m afraid they’d lock me up.
Scully: Me too.

About Max’s backpack
Mulder: More people are trying to get their hands on this thing than a Tickle Me Elmo doll.

Amanda: I didn’t say the baby’s father was an alien. I said he was from another planet. His name is Luke Skywalker and he’s what’s known as a Jedi Knight.
Scully: Did he have a light saber?
Amanda: No. He didn’t bring it.

Scully: What are you saying, that Van Blundt is an alien?
Mulder: Not unless they have trailer parks in space.

Mulder: Scully if you could be somebody else for a day, who would it be?
Scully: Hopefully myself.
Mulder: That’s so boring. I mean wouldn’t you even be tempted to try on body else’s existence for a day? Live your life as somebody else.
Scully: Looking like someone else, Mulder, and being someone else are completely different things.
Mulder: Maybe it’s not. Everybody else around you would treat you like you were somebody else. And ultimately maybe it’s other people’s reactions to us that make us who we are.

Scully: Alright then. Eleanor Roosevelt.
Mulder: Can’t be a dead person.
Scully: How do you know that?
Mulder: Because.

Skinner: Which one of you wrote this?
“Mulder”: I did sir.
Skinner: You spelled Federal Bureau of Investigation wrong.
“Mulder”: It’s a typo.
Skinner: Twice.