Undeclared Season 1

Rush and Pledge


Carla Gallo  Charlie Hunnam  Christina Payano  Jarrett Grode  Jay Baruchel  Monica Keena  Natasha Melnick  Samm Levine  Seth Rogen  Steve Bannos  Timm Sharp

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Steven: Do you guys want to go to that rush party tonight or not?
Ron: No.
Marshall: No.
Lloyd: No.
Ron: Fraternities are evil, okay? They brainwash you, they steal your soul. They take your firstborn for godsakes.
Lloyd: And you’re the firstborn.
Steven: So I guess you guys don’t care about free beer and chicks.
Ron: Free?

Steven: I think my name’s on some sort of list. My dad’s alumni. Hal Karp.
Beast Whore: Good for you, but it’s an open party.
Ron: Way to work the connections there, Steve.
Marshall: Thanks for the hook up, Bro.

Perry: I cannot believe Steven is joining those guys. That kid could not become a bigger dork if he went on the road following the Dave Matthews Band.

Lloyd: Faster, boy, faster! Don’t make me get the hose.
Perry: Actually, Lloyd, this is a school zone. And in this country it’s illegal to run over children.