Undeclared Season 1

Eric Visits Again


Carla Gallo  Charlie Hunnam  Christina Payano  Jarrett Grode  Jason Segel  Jay Baruchel  Monica Keena  Seth Rogen  Timm Sharp

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Steven: You stupid stupid stupid computer. How do you expect to take over mankind if you keep crashing?

Eric: If Lizzie ever cheated on me I think I would die.
Then you’re already dead.
Eric: You better check yourself!

Rachel: Wait, Lizzie hooked up with Lloyd? Nobody tells me anything. {Eric celebrates} Was that before or after Steven?
Eric: What?
Rachel realizing her mistake: What?

Eric: You got something you need to tell me, Elizabeth?
Lizzie: Yeah. I’ve been wanting to tell you… how much I love you.
Eric: As much as you love having sex with Steven?

Eric: I’m gonna beat you up so bad.
Steven: What?
Eric: And I’m gonna love it.
Steven: No.

Eric: Bring the ruckus! Bring the ruckus!

Eric: There once was a little boy named Steven. And if I just punched him once we’d be even.

Eric: I hope you wore a condom.
Lizzie: Well he wore a condom.
Eric: Well that’s… you’re so smart, huh?!

Eric: You’re not my girlfriend. You’re my girl enemy.

Lloyd: Alright, if Eric comes in here, we take him down.
Ron: Woah, okay. I’m not taking anyone down, okay? You know, I’m from Canada. We don’t take people down.
Lloyd: Man, you Americans are such nancies about fighting. Back in the East End, you can’t even finish a Yorkshire pudding without some guy—WHAM—to the back of the head. Ron and Marshall look at each other
Lloyd: Alright. Are you two men, or pretty little ladies?
Ron: Pretty lady right here.
Marshall: I’m a pretty lady.

Lloyd: In every man resides a fighter, Steven.
Steven: Where? Does he hide in my ass?

Eric: Well if it isn’t the whack-ass buster.