The O.C. Season 3

The Shape of Things to Come


Eric Mobius  Jeri Ryan

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Sandy: Come on, you guys. We’ve gotta eat together. It’s a special day. You’re both seniors.
Ryan: It’s just registration.
Sandy: It’s a coming of age moment. We Cohens love coming of age moments.
Seth: You should have seen this guy at my bar mitzvah. He was frothing at the mouth.

Sandy: She kept this place in tip top shape without so much as picking up a sponge.
Ryan: Yeah. How did she do that?
Seth: Her presence kept us neat, Ryan, It’s that Protestant evil eye. It’s a powerful thing.
Sandy: She’s a woman of many talents.

Summer: This is the last time we’ll ever order pancakes before registration.
Seth: And that’s a sad thing to you?
Summer: Yes! It is sad. Everything we do this year is for the last time. It’s like a farewell tour.

Summer: Look, I know that our summer sucked.
Marissa: To say the least.
Summer: But we made it through it! No one is in juvie. Or in a jumpsuit.
Seth: I think Marissa would have worn one rather well. I do. It’s the right cut on you—
Summer: The point is. The four of us are together. It’s our senior year.
Marissa: So?
Summer: So. It’s our last time to make everything awesome.

Sandy: Jimmy couldn’t make it?
Julie: He’s working. Business associate from Hawaii showed up.
Sandy: Ah, just as well. One Montague, one Capulet. That should be plenty.

Taylor: I just assumed you weren’t going to be making it today.
Marissa: Well. Here I am.

Seth to Ryan who’s cleaning the fridge out: You sure you don’t need a haz mat suit for that?

Seth: Dude, Summer and I fought over a comic book for a year.

Sandy: I had a meeting at the school today. And they’re concerned about bringing you and Marissa back after what happened.
Ryan: I’m getting kicked out.
Sandy: No, you’re not. But Marissa is.

Sandy about the Seth Cohen Starter Pack: Rehab Edition: Our son has a very strange take on self-help.

Seth: We thought you could use some breakfast. We’ve got bagels. And a support group (cue Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle).
Summer: Captain Oats is a really good listener. Princess Sparkle, she just stands there and looks cute.

Summer: She’s Taylor Townsend. She’s like the Karl Rove of our school.
Seth: So, you can take Karl Rove— You know who Karl Rove is?
Summer: Yeah, my step-mom sometimes naps in front of CNN. I hear things as I’m dragging her off to bed.

Seth: Hey Dude, you wanna play? Ryan ignores him More in the mood for stewing, I got it.

Seth: My stomach is far too Jewish for that ride.

Summer: Do we have a number three?
Seth: And number three, this Kick Off Carnival is the best ever. And not just because we cancelled Shenanigans.

Summer after Ryan punches Dean Hess: Oh my god!
Seth: That’s not good.

Charlotte: If she tried to be the perfect mother and the perfect wife…
Sandy: She may never come home.

Sandy to Ryan: You need to go back and just listen.

Seth: Taylor Townsend.
Summer: She is Karl Rove!

Dean Hess (Eric Mobius): You almost killed another kid. I don’t even hear a hint of remorse in your voice.
Marissa: Because I don’t have any. I’m proud of what I did and I’d do it again.