The O.C. Season 3

The Last Waltz


Jeri Ryan  Kayla Ewell  Ryan Donowho

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Seth as Marissa disappears into Newport Union: And that was the last they ever saw of her.

Seth: Here you go, my little social chair maven.

Summer: You know I always thought that social chair was a ceremonial position. Like Rose Bowl Queen or President.

Seth: Are you sure this is detention? It’s got more of a work release feel.

Seth: You plan the dance and leave the toilets to me. {beat} I was hoping that’d sound a little more heroic.
Summer: No, I got it.

Kirsten: Dr. [Butcher] said I should confront my fears. And mine is my cooking.
Sandy: So’s mine.
Kirsten: Well, we’ll confront my cooking together.

Marissa: Thanks. I really don’t know why she’s got it in for me.
Casey (Kayla Ewell): My guess is the bag. And the shoes. And the Chanel necklace probably isn’t helping either, but it’s just a guess. Anyways, welcome to Newport Union. I’m Casey.
Marissa: Marissa. Cooper. You’re the first nice person I’ve actually met.
Casey: And I’m not even that nice.

Taylor: Summer look. I know I can be a pain.
Summer: A pain? Taylor, you staged a power play at the kick-off carnival. You tattled to the Dean and got Ryan kicked out of school.
Taylor: I don’t have any friends.
Summer: Gee. There’s a shocker.
Taylor: I know. And it’s my fault. I don’t trust people and so I try to control them which then drives them away. Ergo, no friends. I’m working through it with my therapist.
Summer: Well don’t quit now.

Johnny (Ryan Donowho): Either you’re the worst thief ever or it’s your first day.
Marissa: I can’t remember which locker is mine.
Johnny: Well it probably isn’t that one, because that one’s mine.

Marissa: Mom, Caleb was broke. It makes sense we have to sell everything. You know, you don’t have to protect me.
Julie: Well then do you think it would be alright with Summer if you stayed until we got back on our feet? And we will get back on our feet and we’ll be wearing very expensive shoes when we do.

Taylor: If I tell you this you did not hear it from me, okay? I mean this has to be secret. I mean I’m talking Deep Throat before he went public to cash in on the fat book deal.

Kirsten about the Newport Group: It’s time to let it go.
Sandy: I’ll handle everything.

Taylor: Summer!
Summer: No. Just so you know, you and your friend the dean may have won this round, but the war is not over.
Taylor: Well unless you have an exit strategy, don’t even get out of the boat. I am a human quagmire. {she storms off.}
Summer to a passing student: What’s a quagmire? Hello! Anyone? Quagmire?

Johnny: Marissa. Don’t listen to her.
Marissa: Why? She’s right. That’s why I’m here, now everyone’s gonna know.
Johnny: Yeah well, everyone already kind of knew.

Seth: Alright, come on buddy, get ready. For old-fashioned Seth/Ryan Time.

Seth about Ryan and Marissa: Well, that is a pickle.
Ryan: That’s it? No advice?
Seth: What advice? Call her, apologize. It’s not rocket science. Man. You home school kids are pathetic.

Summer: You know what? You are at a new school and there is a dance. It’s like Social Survival 101.

Ryan: So you wanna go to the movies later tonight? I could beat up the usher, get us some free Milk Duds.

Ryan: Hello.
Seth: Hey. Are you stocking the larder?
Sandy: Your mom’s making me lamb ragout. It’s French. Now where’re you headed—? noticing Seth’s attire Where are you headed?
Seth: Dance. There’s a beach theme.
Ryan: I’m gonna drop in on Marissa, see if she needs a study break, maybe grab a bite.

Sandy: Honey, I got everything on the list, including a little Chunky Monkey but that’s mostly for me. Alright, it’s all for me.

Taylor: Hi everybody! Everyone, hi. I’m Taylor Townsend, your social chair. And I would like to thank you all for coming.
Seth: Relax. She’s not taking credit for it.
Taylor: Thank you. So this dance has been my baby now for quite a while.
Seth: Okay, she’s taking credit for it.
Summer: I am going to kill her.
Taylor: But there is one person without whose help none of this could ever have happened.
Seth: See, she’s gonna—
Taylor: Dean Hess.
Seth: Oh.
Summer: I’m gonna kill the both of them.
Seth: Wait.
Taylor: So everyone, have fun. Because this really is the end of Summer.
Seth: Gee, now you kinda set yourself up for that one.

Partner: From the beginning I knew this plan was crap, okay? Spending thirty grand to go to rehab just to find a mark.
Charlotte: It made sense. Every woman there was vulnerable and rich.
Partner: Except the one you picked out!

Ryan: Seth what are you doing here?
Seth to Ryan: I’m here to stop you man. And if that means throwing myself between you and the gym, I only ask that you spare the face.