The O.C. Season 3

The Aftermath


Logan Marshall-Green  Timothy Omundson

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Summer: You gotta admit, Coop, whatever happens—Ryan facing off with Trey to avenge your honor? God, that is so freaking hot! In a mythic, Biblical Samarai Western kind of way.

Deputy DA Chris Caldwell (Timothy Omundson): …Then you won’t mind if I record this deposition.
Seth: Sure record it. Release it on iTunes. I hope it’s a really big hit.
Sandy: Just answer the questions.

Caldwell: You went to Trey’s that night to kill your brother, didn’t you?

Julie: C’mon. It’s okay for a prosecutor and defense attorneys to have lemonade together. We’re all human beings here.
Jimmy: I’m not so sure with these guys.

Seth about a comatose Trey: I kind of like him this way. He’s a better listener…. Sorry.

Seth: I don’t understand any of the rules to this “baseball,” they call it.
Ryan: You mean America’s pasttime?
Seth: Mm. Feels like more of a fad to me, buddy. I don’t really see it catching on.

Julie to Mr. Frankel: Let’s play hot/cold, hm? Two million. Seven million. I have at least three million coming from my pre-nup. You blinked! Does one blink mean yes?

Summer: Okay, I have an idea.
Seth: Are you going to save Chrismukkah again? ‘Cause I really enjoyed that last time.

Summer: Mr. Cooper has a nice boat.
Seth: Yeah. It’s amazing what laundered money can buy.

Seth: Hey, knock it off. Listen, you’ve got to get your mind off of everything. Who wants to go fishing?
Summer: Yeah, you guys do the hunting, we’ll do the gathering.
Ryan: I like that idea, but we don’t have any bait.
Seth: Aw… Wait, no, we have Summer. Look at this little sardine.

Well. If this is as good as it gets for a little while…
Ryan: Yeah, this was pretty good.
: Yeah. Thanks for almost getting my bathing suit wet, Cohen.
Seth: My pleasure.
Ryan imitating Summer: Cohen. I can’t believe that you did that, Cohen.

Seth: I mean how does being a werewolf make you a better basketball player?
Ryan: Can’t argue that one.

Summer: We have to do something. Should we bring him a snack? What does Ryan eat?
Seth: Dry cereal from a box and black coffee.

Seth: Hoodie, wifebeater, leather jacket. It’s the Ryan Atwood Escapist Ensemble.

The Cops: We’re looking for Ryan Atwood.
Sandy: You’re a little late, I’m afraid.

Sandy to Ryan: Glad to see the jumpsuit still fits. Well kid, for someone who’s innocent you’ve done a hell of a job to look guilty.
Ryan: Glad to see you’re here to make me feel better.

Trey: I’m sorry, Marissa. For everything. I just didn’t know how to make it right. And she offered me a way out.
Marissa: Who? Who did?
Trey: Your mom.
Marissa: Trey, if you want to make it right, there’s only one thing you can do.

Jimmy: Put yourself in my shoes.
Sandy: In your shoes? I got a wife in rehab who doesn’t want to come home and a kid who’s been locked up for something he didn’t do. I think your shoes are looking pretty good right now!
Jimmy: Look, I get it. I get it. I’m trying to protect my family, too.
Sandy: Right. Because family means so much to you.
Jimmy: What’s that supposed to mean?
Sandy: That means what are you doing back in Newport? Caleb dies. Boom. Suddenly you show up.

Sandy answering his cell: Grand Central Station.

Ryan: What happened?
Sandy: You have a hell of a girlfriend. And if you two get married you’ll have a hell of a mother-in-law. But you’re free.