The O.C. Season 1

The Pilot


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Sandy Cohen: Ryan. Sandy Cohen. The court’s appointed me your public defender. Ryan just looks at him suspiciously. You could do worse.

Sandy: Have you given any thought at all to your future? Dude, I’m on your side. C’mon, help me out here. This—
Ryan Atwood: Modern medicine is advancing to the point where the average human life span will be a hundred. But I read this article which said Social Security is supposed to run out by the year 2025. Which means people are going to have to stay in their jobs until they’re 80. So I don’t want to commit to anything too soon.

Ryan: Let me tell you something, okay? Where I’m from, having a dream doesn’t make you smart. Knowing it won’t come true? That does.

Ryan: This is a nice car. I didn’t know your kind of lawyer made money.
Sandy: No. We don’t. My wife does.

Sandy: When did you become so cynical?
Kirsten: When did you become so self-righteous?
Sandy: I’ve always been self-righteous. You used to find it charming.

Marissa: So what are you doing here? Seriously.
Ryan: Seriously? I stole a car. Crashed it. Actually, my brother did. Since he had a gun and drugs on him, he’s in jail. I got out and my mom threw me out. Because she was pissed off and drunk. So Mr. Cohen took me in.
Marissa: You’re their cousin from Boston, right?
Ryan: Right.

Seth to Ryan: Do you want to play Grand Theft Auto? It’s pretty cool. You can like, steal cars and… not that that’s cool. Or uncool. I don’t know… um…

Seth: I have this plan. I don’t know what you’ll think. But, um, next July the trade winds shift west, and I want to sail to Tahiti. I can do it in 44 days, maybe even 42.
Ryan: Wow. That sounds really cool man.

Sandy: So you got to hang out with Seth. How was that? Was that, uh, alright? He’s an interesting kid if you get to know him.
Ryan: He’s cool.

Julie Cooper: Oh honey, I thought you were going to wear your hair down. Pulled back like that, it’s a little harsh on your angles.
Jimmy Cooper: Okay, let’s go!
Julie: It’s going to be so amazing tonight. Are you going to wear the Donna Karan, Maris? I thought it was very forgiving.
Jimmy: You look beautiful, kid.

Random Woman: Did I hear you were from Canada?
Ryan: Yes, you did.

Kirsten: I want my husband to be right about you.

Seth to Ryan: Summer’s right over there, look. I’m— Stop. Don’t look, don’t look. I mean you can look, but don’t look like you’re looking.

Sandy pointing: Is that Summer?
Seth: I’m gonna go… sit.
Ryan: Way to salt his game, Mr. Cohen.

Mother: What are you doing putting my daughter in Calvin Klein? She was supposed to be wearing Vera Wang.
Peggy: And she would. If she had the chest to hold it up. It’s called puberty, honey. It’ll happen.

Seth: Wow, I’m sorry. I should really learn to knock. In case there’s a threesome going on in the bathroom.

Seth: You guys really wouldn’t hurt me. Because that would be so clichéd. they pick him up. Oh, I guess you’re fans of the cliché.

Seth: Well… I don’t know what to say. Except that you totally had my back out there. You were like out of Fight Club or something. I don’t know.

Seth: What a little night we had there. I’m not going to forget it, Ryan. I’m not gonna forget that one.

Kirsten: Seth got into a fight.
Sandy: He did?
Kirsten: This is what happens when you let someone like this into our house. When you let our son hang out with criminals.
Sandy: At least he has someone to hang out with. Don’t salt his game, honey.
Kirsten: What the hell does that mean?
Sandy: It— I don’t know. I just know that I’d rather have Seth hanging out with Ryan than some trust fund kid from around here who only cares about getting a new Beemer every year. There’s a whole world outside this Newport Beach bubble.
Kirsten: You don’t seem to mind living in this bubble.
Sandy: I know there’s something else out there. You remember when we were 22? What’d you say? You said you’d never be like your parents. You’d never have their life.
Kirsten: I was 22. I stank of patchouli and I lived in the back of a mail truck.
Sandy: And you were fun. And rebellious. And… you married me.
Kirsten: I can’t. I’m sorry. I don’t want this kid in my house anymore.
Sandy: Where’s he supposed to go?
Kirsten: He has a family, Sandy. It’s not up to you to decide whether they’re good enough.

Kirsten: I’m sorry. You seem like a nice kid.
Ryan: It’s okay. I get it. You have a really nice family.

Sandy: Come on. Let’s go.