The O.C. Season 1

The Gamble


Daphne Ashbrook

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Sandy: We gotta stop meeting like this.

Sandy: It’s gonna be okay.
Ryan: My mom ditched me. I burned your wife’s house down. How is this going to be okay?

Sandy: Well. I should be off. Gotta find the next kid to jeopardize the community. Maybe a black kid. Or an Asian kid.

Kirsten: Where do you think you’re going?
Seth: What are you doing out here?
Kirsten: I’m taking a Newpsie break. Where are you going?
Seth: I’m not going anywhere.
Kirsten: Seth.
Seth: I’m going to juvie to visit Ryan.
Kirsten: No. No you’re not. No way.
Seth: Okay. Bye.
Kirsten: Seth. I know that I am not the perfect Carol Brady mom but I love you and I am trying to protect you. I have dropped all the charges against him. I have hired someone to find his mother. What more do you want?
Seth: I would like you to go with me.

Summer Roberts: Still hasn’t called you back? He was in lockup. Maybe he’s into dudes now.

Jimmy: So. How’s your mother?
Seth: Ah, just… married.

Seth: Star Wars convention? I’m sorry, her top was off. You couldn’t at least said X-Men for me?

Sandy about Kirsten taking Ryan out of Juvie: I never knew you to be an impulse shopper.
Kirsten: I didn’t know what else to do!
Sandy: Did you tell him it was permanent?
Kirsten: No, of course not.
Sandy: Because we can’t keep jerking this kid around, pulling him out of juvie, sending him to foster care, giving him hope and taking it away.

You should come. It’ll be fun. Well, not fun. But it’s for charity.

Marissa: Hey. I was hoping maybe we could talk.
Luke: Which one of us did you want to talk to?

Ryan: I used to want to be an architect.
Kirsten: And what do you want to be now?
Ryan: Seventeen.
Kirsten: Me too.

Julie: You will not believe what Sandy Cohen said to me. He basically called me white trash. He said I was from Riverside!
Jimmy: Honey, you are from Riverside.
Julie: It was his tone!

Dawn (Daphne Ashbrook): I’m an embarrassment to my son.
Kirsten: Welcome to my world.

Summer: You’re not going anywhere, Sid.
Seth: Seth.
Summer: Whatever.
Seth: Okay.

Sandy: It’s not the money. It’s that you never told me.
Kirsten: I know. I don’t know why.
Sandy: I got a couple of ideas. Let me take you on a little journey through my neuroses for the past hour or so.

Seth about Summer: By the end of the night, she might know my first name.

Dawn: I ruined everything, huh? You hate me.
Ryan: No, I don’t. I love you, Mom.

Kirsten: You can’t walk away.
Dawn: Why? This’ll be the first good thing I ever did for him. This way, he ends up with a real mom. Take care of him, okay? He deserves it.

Kirsten: Ryan’s gonna stay with us now.

Sandy: Well there’s a no-return policy now, you know that.
Kirsten: I love you. You know that? We okay?
Sandy: Yeah.
Kirsten: Good. Because we just got in way over our heads.