The Loop

Season 1


Adam Brody  Amanda Loncar  Bret Harrison  Eric Christian Olsen  Ian Reed Kelser  Joy Osmanski  Mimi Rogers  Philip Baker Hall  Sarah Wright

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Derek: Sam, heard you’re working for an airline. What are you a stewardess? Just kidding! A flight attendant?

Meryl: Did you just whistle at me? Because sexual harassment has no place in the workplace. Count to 40 and meet me in the stairwell.

Russ: Thesis, what have you got?
Sam: Excuse me?
Russ: That thing you’ve been working on all week, aside from that retarded squirrel look. Which you’ve nailed like a two-dollar whore.

Marty: Our research shows us that the youth market responds to single syllable men’s names. United has Ted, Apple has Mac. There’s even some guy out there with a list called “Craig”.

Sam: I’m in charge of a new youth-oriented low cost airline. I start working on it tonight.
Sully: I don’t know, kids flying airplanes? That can’t end well.

Meryl: You’re only young once, Sam. Live life. Drink wine. Eat breakfast off Steve McQueen’s ass while Allie McGraw pours wax on herself in a corner.
Sam: I don’t know who they are, but I’m pretty sure I can’t do all that and still have this job.

Jenna: My life is the road, Sammy, not the sky.
Sam: What?
Jenna: I don’t know. I’ve been drunk since January.
Sam: You’re really nuts, huh?
Jenna: You have no idea.

Keith (Adam Brody): This is my boyfriend, Steven. But if my dad asks, he’s my roommate. That I have sex with.