Stargate SG-1 Season 2

Show and Tell


Carmen Argenziano  Jeff Gulka  Teryl Rothery

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Carter: He’s not Goa’uld or Jaffa. I don’t sense any Naquadah. As far as I can tell he’s clean.
O’Neill: What’s he doing here?
Charlie (Jeff Gulka): I am here to warn you.

Fraiser: Well. As far as I can tell he’s human.
O’Neill: No bomb in the chest? A little biohazard in the tooth maybe?
Fraiser: Checked for both. He’s no threat to us as far as I can tell.

O’Neill: So what do I call you?
Charlie: I do not have a name.
O’Neill: What’s your mom call you?
Charlie: Son.
O’Neill: That’s not much of a name.
Charlie: No. It’s more of a description.

Charlie: That’s why I’m here. To warn you.
O’Neill: Well thank you, Charlie. But we already knew about the Goa’uld.
Charlie: Not the Goa’uld. It’s the Re’tu rebels who intend to eliminate you.

Fraiser: It’s like Mother Nature put him together in a hurry and got everything a little bit wrong.

Carter: Dad, we have a little bit of a situation and we may need Selmak’s help.
Jacob (Carmen Argenziano): Selmak Selmak Selmak. I thought maybe you just wanted to see your old man.

O’Neill: Hey Charlie. How’re you feeling?
Charlie: Tired. Really tired. {there’s some noise in the distance.} Fer cryin’ out loud.

Jacob: The Re’tu rebels are kind of like terrorists are here on Earth. Nasty guys. They could do a lot of damage here, folks. Kill a lot of people.
O’Neill: How many are there?
Jacob: Don’t know. But I do know their M.O. They work in small groups of five infiltrators. They sneak in, split up, plant destructive devices and try to maximize the damage before they’re even detected.

Charlie: Mother says not to cry.
O’Neill: Crying’s okay.
Charlie: She says the boys of your culture do not cry.
O’Neill: Not true. In fact there’s an official list of reasons for which crying is a good thing.
Charlie: Mother is leaving.
O’Neill: Now see, that’s a good reason. Mom leaving I believe is number six on the list of good reasons.

Jackson: Isn’t he a little young to be a host?
Selmak: He is young. But the Tok’ra symbiote that we introduce to his mind can teach him. He will grow up with the advantages that great wisdom brings.
O’Neill: Two keywords there: grow up.