Stargate SG-1 Season 2

Serpent’s Song


JR Bourne  Peter Williams

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O’Neill: You know I’m not real crazy about this “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” policy.

O’Neill: General Hammond, Apophis. Apophis, General Hammond.
Hammond: We’ve met.

O’Neill: I say we beat whatever information we can out of old snake boy, open that Gate and toss him back to the sharks.
Hammond: Not so fast, Colonel. He’s essentially a prisoner of war. That gives him certain rights.

Apophis (Peter Williams): O’Neill. I am dying.
O’Neill: My heart bleeds for you.
Apophis: You lie poorly.

O’Neill: What do you want?
Apophis: To live.
O’Neill: Can’t help you there. That’s between you and your god. Oh, wait a minute. You are your god. That’s a problem.

Apophis: That’s why I chose to come here. So that in death I would be assured that you would die with me.

Jackson: Basically he was the original Satan.
O’Neill: Well. Isn’t that special. {overhead: Incoming traveller} Speak of the Devil.

Martouf (JR Bourne): We come only to offer you a word of warning.
O’Neill: Which is?
Martouf: We know you have Apophis. You must return him to the planet you retrieved him from immediately.

Lantesh: We cannot defend you from the Goau’ld. You cannot expect us to.
O’Neill: We don’t.
Lantesh: Overconfidence was their failing, O’Neill. I hope it has not also become yours.

Teal’c: The people of Chulak no longer worship you. They no longer fear you. The time of Apophis has come to an end.
Apophis: Then kill me now!

Apophis: There was a time when you would die for me, Teal’c.
Teal’c: That time is no more.

Apophis: Help me.
O’Neill: No.
Apophis: A host.
O’Neill: No.
Apophis: I am afraid.