Stargate SG-1 Season 2



Andrew Wheeler  Bonnie Bartlett  Colin Lawrence

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Male Voice: You will be sent to the prison Hadante.
O’Neill: Oh no no no no no. This is just a misunderstanding!
Female Voice: For the remainder of your lives.

O’Neill: Well. This sucks.

Linea (Bonnie Bartlett): For what little it is worth, welcome.
Jackson: Oh, excuse me— {Linnea walks away}
O’Neill: Daniel. I think that’s about it for the welcome wagon.

O’Neill: Teal’c, look scary and take point.

Linea: There are two ways and two ways only to control a society: through fear or through hope. In this world, fear is a constant. The belief in escape, whether founded or not, allows hope.
O’Neill: So, out of hope, these people are killing themselves?
Linea: If they believe it is escape, who am I to say it is not?

Carter: We need power.
Linea: There are many forms of power, my dear. Some more subtle than others.
O’Neill: For the moment, we just need the electrical kind.
Linea: Then we both have something the other wants.

O’Neill: Well, Teal’c. Making friends are you?
Teal’c: We found nohing of use.
Jackson: Although I am fairly certain that this structure is the ruins of some sort of alien gate terminal. Probably over 15,000 years old. That only certainly predates human cvilization. Which is not of any use, per se.

Major Warren (Colin Lawrence): Sir, this is nuts. Let my team go back.
Hammond: Major, as of 0800 tomorrow, your team is scheduled for a standard recon of P2A-509. I expect you to be ready to carry out your mission.
Major Warren: Yes sir.
Hammond: Major Kovachek, return to P3X-775. Let them know we mean business. Better yet, I’ll tell them myself.

Carter: Actually I came to ask you something.
Linea: My crime.
Carter: Yeah.
Linea: There was an experiment with tragic consequences. People died.
Carter: How many people?
Linea: Thousands. It began with a terrible plague among the people who sent you here. Time was short, I offered my knowledge. Instead of inhibiting the disease’s progress, my medicine accelerated its effects.
Carter: And they blamed you?
Linea: Yes.

Linea: It is only a matter of time before Vishnoor and his followers challenge your friends.
Carter: I’ll warn them, thank you.
Linea: Tell them also, that if they fail, they will not live to try again.

Hammond: You’re sure they dialed the correct address?
Major Kovachek (Andrew Wheeler): Yes sir.
Hammond: The things I do for these people.

Female Voice: Assumption of guilt by proxy is rejected.
Hammond: If my people are not released, the imprisonment of the members of SG-1 will be considered a hostile act. Peaceful relations between our two worlds will end right here, right now.
Male Voice: Our law is immutable.
Hammond: Your law is unjust.
Major Kovachek: Sir, I’m not sure this is the—
Hammond: What’s it going to be?
Female Voice: Release is impossible.
Hammond: Why?
Male Voice: There are no returns from Hadante. For anyone.

Jackson: P2A-509!
O’Neill: Little brain damage along the way?

Carter: We let her out.
Jackson: The Destroyer of Worlds.