Stargate SG-1 Season 3

The Devil You Know


JR Bourne

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O’Neill: You do understand we’re not too happy to see you.
Apophis: Your insolence is amusing to my ears.

Apophis: You used this to access the memories of Jolinar left in your mind. That is the only way you could have known how to escape. I will use it to get you to tell me everything you want to know.
Carter: It doesn’t work that way.
Apophis: I know how it works. When it’s fully activated it makes your memories easily accessible to your conscious mind.

O’Neill: They put that damn memory thing on me. Then they gave me something that reminded me of the 70s.

Martouf: I knew it was you.
Carter: You shouldn’t have done it, Martouf.
Martouf: I couldn’t watch him kill you, Samantha.
Carter realizing: You lied.

Aldwin: I’m sorry I doubted you.
Teal’c: I am surprised as you that we survived.