Stargate SG-1 Season 3

Deadman Switch


Sam J. Jones

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Jackson: It doesn’t make any sense. When a Goa’uld occupies a planet they usually control the Stargate, and this Gate had no markings of any— {hits a force field} Found something.

O’Neill: Who are you?
Aris Boch: Aris Boch. Perhaps you’ve heard of me.
O’Neill: Ah… not I. Teal’c.
Teal’c: I have not.
Aris Boch: Well that’s disappointing. I’m one of the galaxies greatest hunters.
O’Neill: Not ringing a bell, sorry.
Aris Boch: Well I know you. Captain Samantha Carter. Dr. Daniel Jackson. The Jaffa traitor, Teal’c. And Colonel Jack O’Neill.
O’Neill: Well fancy that. We’re famous.

Carter: Sir, he’s not Goa’uld.
O’Neill: And? But? So? Therefore?

Aris Boch: Dr. Jackson. If you don’t mind treating my wound.
Jackson: I’m an archaeologist.
Aris Boch: I know. But you’re also a doctor.
Jackson: Of archaeology.
Aris Boch: Never mind. Captain! You must have some medical training.
: Actually, I’m a Major now.
Aris Boch: Oh. Well how very important. I’ll inform the galaxy.

Aris Boch: I give to the Goa’uld what they want and they give back to me what I want in return.
Carter: How do you keep from getting killed?
Aris Boch: Takes talents.
O’Neill: So. How do you keep from getting killed?

Aris Boch: And you, O’Neill, you’re considered, well, you’re a pain in the mikta.
O’Neill: Neck?
Teal’c: No.

Aris Boch: Zat gun?
O’Neill: Dropped the ni’katel.
Aris Boch approvingly: I guess it does save a bit of effort.

Jackson: Jack, he disabled the DHD and Sam said we can’t fly that ship all the way home.
: So we’ll fly it to a closer planet with a Stargate.
Jackson: Good thinking.
O’Neill: It happens.

Teal’c: You must enter the correct combination of five.
O’Neill: How many combinations can there be?
Jackson: Oh boy.

Jackson: You don’t seem to have much of a problem trading human lives like commodities.
Aris Boch: Oh, you Earthlings and your morality.

Korra: Aris told you about his wife and son?
O’Neill: Oh yeah.
Korra: It’s a lie. He has none. Never did.
Jackson: So why does he do this?
O’Neill: Greed.
Korra: Not exactly. It is true that his race cannot be used as hosts. And most were slaughtered by the Goa’uld. Those that were kept alive are addicted to a substance called Roshnah.

Aris Boch: Poison. That’s very un-Goa’uld-like. Why would he do that?
Carter: To save the lives of other Tok’ra.
Aris Boch: Since when does a Goa’uld care about another Goa’uld?
Carter: I told you, the Tok’ra are not the same.