Stargate SG-1 Season 3

A Hundred Days


Teryl Rothery

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Harriman: They say you’ve come through the stone ring. Hard thing to ask a man to believe.
O’Neill: I know what you mean.

Harriman: On the third day we could take no more. We fled to the stone ring. Where it used to be.
O’Neill: Used to be?

Hammond: That was our last shot, people. I’m calling this one. As of of right now I’m officially declaring him missing in action.
Teal’c: General Hammond, perhaps Edora could be reached by another means.
Jackson: That’s right, the Tok’ra could send a ship.
Carter: Or the Tollan.

Fraiser: You working through the night again?
Carter: Yeah. A lot of work to do.
Fraiser: Look Sam, there’s no doubt you are going to solve this, but you have to accept the fact that it’s going to take time.
Carter: Yeah, well if I think that way it could take months.
Fraiser: Daniel says the Tollan could have a ship in the vicinity of Edora sometime early next year.
Carter: He shouldn’t have to wait that long.
Fraiser: You miss him.
Carter: Yeah.
Fraiser: Is this a problem?
Carter: No. No, of course not.
Fraiser: Okay.

Laira: Come. I would like your company.
O’Neill: I don’t even like my company right now.
Laira: You will again. Loss is that way. I mourned my husband for a hundred days. I never left my house, I never spoke to anyone.
O’Neill: After that?
Laira: I left my house. And I spoke to people.

Laira: Paynan has invited you to evening supper.
O’Neill: Why? He doesn’t even like me.
Laira: He is very grateful for all the help you’ve given him in rebuilding his home.
O’Neill: I just hammered a few nails. Well, actually I made the nails first, and then I hammered them.

Carter: Teal’c you’ll need to secure yourself above the event horizon as soon as you’re on the other side. You’ll have to carry everything you need.
Teal’c: I understand.
Hammond: I hope you do, son. Because if you fail to dig your way to the surface, this will be a one-way trip.

O’Neill: Laira, you should know a part of me is never going to let go of the life I left behind.
Laira: Well. That’s not the part of you I want.

O’Neill: Teal’c! You are one stubborn son of a bitch.