Stargate SG-1 Season 10

Line in the Sand


Aaron Craven  Aisha Hinds  Eric Breker  Tim Guinee

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Thilana: For years my ancestors were forced to record the true history of my people in secret. Beyond the eyes of the Goa’uld. This room now houses their legacy. It seemed appropriate you do your work here.
Carter: I’m flattered.

Mitchell: Listen up, folks. We’re gonna try a little disappearing act here. Please remember to keep your arms and legs inside the village at all times until we come to a complete and final stop. Blank stares work, too.

Colonel Reynolds watching the village disappear: We do the craziest job in the world.

Matar: Perhaps we should consider heeding the Prior’s wishes.
Thilana: No! I will not stand by while we are once again subjugated into serving false gods. We must stand our ground.

Teal’c: Colonel Mitchell, do you read?
Mitchell: Loud and clear, Teal’c. What’s up?
Teal’c: Our time.

Mitchell: Have you ever fired a gun before?
Matar: No.
Mitchell: All right. Blank stares aren’t gonna cut it this time.

Ori Soldier: What just happened? How did that building disappear?
Vala: Perhaps it was the will of the gods.

Tomin: Why are you still wearing the clothes of a blasphemer?
Vala: If I put on this dress, and say, “Hallowed are the Ori” will you stop mass-murdering innocent people?

Mitchell: Listen, I’ve been thinking—
Carter: Uh oh.

Carter: Cam. You have to face the fact that I’m going to die here.
Mitchell: No, I don’t have to face that fact because I’m not going to let that happen.

Mitchell: There is one thing that I do know is true. The mind is a powerful thing. No matter who or what you believe in, sometimes belief makes all the difference in the world. You just don’t give up. Tell yourself whatever you have to. Just believe you’re going to make it, Sam.

Mitchell: Score one for science.

Thilana: No god should ever ask you to kill an innocent man to prove your sanctity. I know you’re afraid. We are all. But if we are going to die, let us die in noble peace and truth of spirit.