Stargate SG-1 Season 10

Family Ties


Fred Willard

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Mitchell to Siler: They cancelled it? Really? I didn’t even know a new season had started.

Jacek (Fred Willard): Sweetheart! How is life treating you?
Vala: Certainly better than you ever did.

Carter: Arkad is dead.
Jacek: Well he may be dead, but the threat he set in motion still exists. Take your time, there’s no pressure. It’s just that your whole planet could very well blow up at any moment.

Jacek: Hug for Daddy?
Vala: You’re lucky I’m not allowed to kill you.

Jacek: Having second thoughts?
Vala: No. I think the door is locked.

Teal’c: May I offer you a word of advice?
Jacek: Any input that would help me better myself would be greatly appreciated.
Teal’c: Perhaps three words: be less annoying.

Jacek: I’ve got tickets to this “Virginia Dialogues” show.

Vala: So where are the boys tonight?
Carter: Cameron has a date, Daniel is exhausted. And Teal’c got tickets to some show…