Stargate SG-1 Season 6



Carmen Argenziano  Colin Cunningham  Corin Nemec

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O’Neill: Ship Ahoy-hoy.

Jacob Carter: Jack, are you seriously considering salvaging this ship?
O’Neill: Why yes I am, Jacob.
Jacob: This ship belonged to Anubis.
O’Neill: Excellent.
Jacob: What if it’s some sort of Trojan horse?
O’Neill: Well then apparently they did it wrong.

Jonas: Why would he bring me all the way out here if I’m not going to be allowed to contribute anything?
Teal’c: This is your first mission. It may take some time for Colonel O’Neill to gain confidence in your abilities.
Jonas: So it was the same for you?
Teal’c: No it was not.

Jonas: Those of us who weren’t originally from the planet Earth gotta stick together, right?
Teal’c: Are you suggesting an alien conspiracy?

Major Davis: I know Thor was a friend of yours, but this is a Goa’uld mothership. If we allow it to blow up they’ll be nothing left to salvage.
Jacob: Jack, this ship is never going to fly again. I’d say having the Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet owe you one is more valuable.
O’Neill: Yeah. Alright. Next mothership we keep. Okay?