Stargate SG-1 Season 7

Space Race


Dion Johnstone

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Warrick: As I was telling General Hammond and Dr. Jackson, I am here to offer you full access to the ion propulsion engine on the Seberus.
Carter: That’s great. Sir, this could—.
Hammond: I read your report, Major. I won’t debate the value of the technology. But there’s more.
Warrick: In return, I would like your help. To win a race.

Warrick: Major, I feel compelled to warn you of the danger. The Loop is not for the faint hearted.

Carter: Look. I know that this could be dangerous. But this is our job, right? It’s what we signed on to do. We take risks in the hopes of achieving new levels of technology. If—and I stress if—participating in this race happens to be a little bit, I don’t know…
Jackson: Fun?
Carter: What’s a girl to do?
Jackson: That’s just what I thought.

Warrick: Major Carter. If you are to be my co-pilot, you’ll need to know how the ship works.
Carter: What is this?
Warrick: A complete operations manual of the Seberus.
I had it translated for you.
Carter: Thank you.
O’Neill: That’s not our language.
Carter: It’s mine. Sir.
O’Neill: Right!

Teal’c: I am in your debt, Major Carter.
Carter: Indeed.

Warrick: Jarlath. Still avoiding personal hygiene, I see.

Eamon: The first stage tests each ship’s defense capabilities.

Boron: At this stage of the race it’s all about the shields. Does your ship have what it takes to survive that kind of super intense heat?
Hadraig: And if it doesn’t?
Boron: You’ll be instantly vaporized.
Hadraig: Interesting! In a horrifying sense.

Warrick: It’s dangerous.
Carter: More dangerous than flying into a sun?

Hadraig: Warrick must be disappointed to be facing certain defeat and death so early in the race.
Boron: You got that right, Ardal.

Eamon: If we’re going to prove anything we need to go to Tech Con. They won’t let you in without clearance. You’ll need a hat.

Eamon: This is my cousin.
Teal’c: Murray.
Eamon: Mm. Twice removed.

Jarlath: You don’t think you can still win, do you?
Warrick: We are only this far behind because we were sabotaged.
Jarlath: A likely excuse. So was I, by the way.

Jarlath: Has it occurred to you that maybe the reason you’ve been passed over so many times is not because you’re a human, but because you’re a moron.

O’Neill: How many times have I told you? Don’t get caught by the bad guys.

Jackson: You’re just sorry that you lost.
Carter: Well come on! It wasn’t fair. Buncha cheaters.
Jackson: So whatcha gonna do?
Carter: Next year I’m gonna kick butt.