Stargate SG-1 Season 7



Teryl Rothery  Tony Amendola

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Fraiser: The staff blast hit you directly in the symbiote pouch. If you weren’t on tretonin…
Teal’c: I would be dead. Ironic.
Fraiser: Well. You’re not out of the woods yet.
Teal’c: Woods?

Teal’c: Ryac is with Bra’tac. They are attempting to recruit rebel Jaffa. I have not heard from them and do not expect to for some time.

Jackson: What’s with the, ah… ?
Teal’c: O’Neill. I believe his offer of the colored gelatins is an attempt to sympathise.
Jackson: Well he’s thoughtful that way.

Carter: …So they fly halfway across the galaxy in a highly-advanced spaceship but they don’t use their technology to take over the planet. You know what their weakness turned out to be? Water.

Fraiser: Teal’c. I’m clearing you for active duty.
Teal’c: I am not ready.

O’Neill: Fraiser says Teal’c needs a little pep talk. I’ve been practicing in front of a mirror for an hour.
Jackson: Is it peppy enough?
O’Neill: Not really.

Teal’c: Don’t give me the eyebrow.

Teal’c: Forgive me, O’Neill.
O’Neill: No. There’s nothing to forgive. You’re still twice as strong as I’ll ever be and you’ve got two good knees.
Teal’c: Then the answer to your question is no. I do not feel I am fit for active duty.
O’Neill: Okay. I can accept that. For now.

Teal’c: As I lay near death, I began to dream. You used your abilities to appear to me in that dream.
O’Neill: I did?
Teal’c: Indeed. When I had sufficiently recovered, you appeared to me again. And that is when I knew.. you had stayed with me and watched over me for three days. And that is the reason I am eternally grateful to you, Daniel Jackson. And why I wholeheartedly believe you concerning Ryac.

Teal’c: If I die, it is my wish that you should watch over Ryac.
O’Neill: Well let’s see it doesn’t come to that.

Ryac: How long can you live without tretonin?
Bra’tac: As long as I have to.

Teal’c: Colonel O’Neill has officially informed me that I have my mojo back.