Stargate SG-1 Season 7

Enemy Mine


Michael Rooker

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Jackson: It has to be something about this area, this mine. They don’t want us here.
Colonel Edwards (Michael Rooker): The feeling’s mutual.

O’Neill: If we go back to this planet, you’re not coming with us, are you?
Jackson: It’s doubtful.
O’Neill: That’s too bad. I was kinda hoping you’d take command of the mission Colonel Edwards has no experience dealing with the Unas.
Jackson: Nor you.

Jackson: This is their planet. We’re the invaders. We don’t have to provoke them, we don’t have to kill them.

Hammond: You have twenty-four hours to convince the Unas to come peaceably. Or they’ll be forcibly removed.

Teal’c: They are preparing to attack.
Edwards: Let ’em come. We’re ready.
Jackson: No, you’re not.

Edwards: You’re right, Dr. Jackson. Let’s get back to the Gate.
Jackson: No. It’s too late.

Edwards: O’Neill was right about you. You are a pain in the ass. But well worth it.