Stargate SG-1 Season 1

Tin Man


Jay Brazeau  Teryl Rothery

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O’Neill: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your colonel speaking. Welcome to P3X-niner-eight-niner, where it’s a balmy… room temperature.

O’Neill: Well that sounds ominous.

Harlan: Comtraya! Comtraya!
O’Neill: Daniel?
Jackson: I think that’s a greeting.
Harlan: Yes. It is.

Harlan: You are all such wonderful specimens. to Carter: You in particular.
Carter: Colonel.
O’Neill: Easy, Captain.

O’Neill: What is that, “Comtraya”? Is that like “Aloha”?

Fraiser: Colonel, how do you feel?
O’Neill: Never felt better in my life. It’s got me a little worried, actually.
Fraiser: Yeah well, this has got me a little worried. {she hands him her stethoscope}. Listen.
O’Neill: I don’t hear anything. What, this is better? I’m dead?