Stargate SG-1 Season 1

The First Commandment

1997.08.22    S01E05

Roger Cross

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Connor (Roger Cross): The people here, they believe he’s their god.
Teal’c: Because you came through the Stargate.
Connor: No no. You don’t get it. Hanson believes it too.

O’Neill: Carter, I want you to take Connor back through the Stargate, report to General Hammond what’s happened here.
Carter: No, sir.
O’Neill: “No, sir”?
Carter: If you’re going after Captain Hanson I should go with you. I can get to him.
O’Neill: Look, Captain, either we’re bringing him back to face a court martial or not. I think we both know what the “not” means.
Carter: I know him, Colonel.
O’Neill: Yeah that would be the problem, wouldn’t it?
Carter: I gave him back the ring because I know him. I know how he thinks, how he operates.
O’Neill: How he likes to play god?

Carter: Look, I don’t understand how that could happen any more than you do. But if SG-1 is going after him then I am going with you.
Connor: Wait a minute. No, you can’t do that. There are hundreds—probably thousands— of them. He’s their god. They’ll die for him, they’ll kill for him in a heartbeat.
O’Neill: That’s not your problem. Now I need someone to report back to the General and that is you.
Connor: No, sir.
O’Neill: “No, sir”? Does it say “colonel” anywhere on my uniform?

O’Neill: Well. We’re off to see the wizard.

Jackson: This tastes like chicken.
Carter: So what’s wrong with it?
Jackson: It’s macaroni and cheese.

Teal’c: The perimeter is established. {he demonstrates}
O’Neill: Perfect. If any little rocks sneak up on us, we’ll have plenty of warning.

O’Neill: Let’s go. We’ve got company.
Jackson: Are you sure? {a dart lands near his head}
O’Neill: Pretty sure.

Jackson: They were probably just instructed to just take Connor, send us a message that Hanson’s in control.
Carter: Hm. Sounds familiar.
Jackson: Which part?
Carter: He likes control.
Jackson: Well what did you see in him?
Carter: I don’t know. I guess I’ve always had a soft spot for the lunatic fringe.

Hanson: I’ve been carrying this for years. All along I’ve been looking for God. And here I am.

Teal’c: This is the Stargate. Here is the temple.
Jamala: Good drawing.
Teal’c: Thank you.