Stargate SG-1 Season 1



Garwin Sanford  Tobin Bell  Tom McBeath

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Narim (Garwin Sanford): Don’t… help us.

Jackson: We’d be colonizing space right now if it weren’t for the Dark Ages. There was a period of over 7800 years where science was heresy and anathema. Maybe they didn’t have that setback.

Omoc (Tobin Bell): Where is this place?
Hammond: You’re on a planet called Earth. These people saved you.
Omoc: Nothing could be further from the truth.
Jackson: Well unless I missed something you’re better off here than you were there.

Hammond: You remember Narim.
Carter: Yes. From the planet. You were a lot dirtier then.
Narim: Ah, Captain Carter. Or is it Doctor?
Carter: Why don’t we just make it Samantha.

Narim: There was a time before reason and science when my ancestors believed in all manner of nonsense. Like the Sher-mal. The story goes that if a Sher-mal appears at the moment of death, she will take you to her dwelling in the stars.
Carter: Ah. We called them “angels”.
Narim: Then you still believe in them?
Carter: Well. Some of us do.
Narim: Ours were reported to be quite beautiful. And when I saw you… well, you seemed to fit the description.

Carter: Temperature: Ground. 1700 degrees fahrenheit. Air: Seems to be in pockets ranging from 1500 degrees down to 200.
O’Neill: Sounds like L.A.

Teal’c: This is knowledge far beyond that of the Goa’uld.
Colonel Mayborne (Tom McBeath): That’s exactly what the President and Joint Chiefs want to hear. Colonel Mayborne, sir. NID.
O’Neill: Intelligence? What happened to Kennedy?
Colonel Mayborne: Promoted. I took his place.
O’Neill: Promoted? Talk about failing upwards.

Teal’c: General, we must ensure the Tollans’ escape.
Hammond: I can’t let you do that. We’d all be court-martialed.
O’Neill: General, I’m about a hair away from not caring.

Hammond: What the hell’s going on?
The mainframe’s having a nervous breakdown. The iris is failing.
Hammond: Well why’s the blast door down? Get it up.

Lya: Your race has learned nothing. But you have. The Tollans are most welcome to join the Nox.

O’Neill about the Nox: God I love those people.