Stargate SG-1 Season 9

Avalon: Part 2


Beau Bridges  Bill Dow

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Vala trying to reassure Jackson: Look, I didn’t hear any screaming or squishing sounds, so…

Vala: I don’t know, I don’t think he’s actually that good.
Mitchell: Alright, so I flunked fencing.

Jackson: What happened?
Mitchell: The whole place is collapsing. We must have done something wrong.
Jackson: What’d you take?
Vala: What? I—
Jackson: Truth of Spirit. What’d you take?

Jackson: We know the Ancients left their galaxy for Pegasus and returned later when they lost the war to the Wraith, but what happened to them.
Landry: I thought they ascended.
Jackson: Well some did that we know, but what if others went home? Even if they didn’t, the book I read suggests that the Altarens left civilization behind.
Landry: And your point is?
Jackson: My point is that we haven’t met a single living Ancient who’s willing to share their knowledge freely with us and there could be an entire advanced civilization of them out there somewhere in another galaxy. I mean isn’t that why we’re doing this, all of this? The Stargate program, the [?], is so we can meet new races, gather advanced technology, possibly learn about ourselves in the process.
Vala: Oh c’mon. You do it to meet women.
Mitchell: She has a point, sir.

Rak’nor: I did not fight for the freedom of all Jaffa only to have it corrupted by a few power-hungry individuals.
Teal’c: Nor did I.

Dr. Lee: Look, we have studied devices like this for years and at some point ultimately you just have to turn it on.

Jackson: What the hell did you say?
Vala: I think it’s more what I didn’t say at first. You see apparently there’s a blessing you’re supposed to recite over the leaves before you drink—which, nobody warned me about. Then I think it’s what I did say. I was trying to politely explain what was going on, and then his wife started screaming and accusing me of being overcome at which point I believe I suggested she might think about procreation… with herself.

Vala: I’ve got tingles all over. And don’t flatter yourself. I’m pretty sure it’s not you.