Stargate SG-1 Season 9

Arthur’s Mantle


Beau Bridges  Bill Dow

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Carter: Try picking up that coffee cup. {Mitchell’s hand passes through it} Oh boy. We need to find Daniel.

Mitchell: Out of phase? What does that mean?
Carter: It means we may have shifted to an alternate dimension.
Mitchell: And there are an infinite number of alternate dimensions.
Carter: No no no. That’s alternate realities.
Mitchell: So when the other SG-1 showed up?
Carter: Completely different problem.

Mitchell: Boy am I getting that Patrick Swayze in Ghost feeling. General, we need a Whoopi.

Mitchell: Roast beef. The one time I can’t eat and they serve roast beef. Do you know how many times I’ve requested roast beef?! This is torture.
Carter: It’s only been a few hours.

Landry: What have you got, Doctor?
Dr. Lee: Well we know that Sam was working on the device. We know the device does not give off any typical energy signatures emitted by Ancient transporter technology. This leads us to the conclusion that they disappeared without leaving the room.
Landry: How’s that posible?
Dr. Lee: Miniaturization. Don’t panic. I have calculated the distance they could possibly travel on tiny legs.

Landry: So why would Merlin build a device that would transport him to another dimension?
Mitchell: Oo! Today’s daily double.
Jackson: Yeah, that’s the part I haven’t quite figured out yet.
Mitchell: Close!
Jackson: But at least it points to the possibility that both Colonel Mitchell and Colonel Carter may still be somewhere here on this base. {Mitchell indicates a touchdown}. We just can’t see or hear them.

Teal’c: And you are certain you will not be injured?
Mitchell: Absolutely. Hey, take your best shot if you don’t— {Teal’c takes a swing at him}
Teal’c: Good luck, Colonel Mitchell.
Mitchell: Hey, did you even think twice about that?
Teal’c: I did not.
Mitchell: Huh.