Stargate SG-1 Season 4

Scorched Earth


Brian Markinson

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Caleb: It comes this way!
Jackson: What does?
Caleb: You must see it.

O’Neill: Teal’c says you don’t want to go.
If we go with you to Earth and you do not find another world on which we can live, we will die there.
O’Neill: Give us a chance.

Jackson: Any intelligence capable of engineering something like that has to be capable of reason.
Carter: The question is, will they listen.
O’Neill: The real question is, will they have ears?

O’Neill: Carter. I’m making a choice to help these people. But if you don’t make that bomb, I’m out of options.
Carter: I know.
O’Neill: So I have to order you to.
Carter: Yes sir.

Lotan (Brian Markinson): You have disobeyed your superior.
Jackson: No, not… exactly.
Lotan: You are not fulfilling your function, Daniel Jackson.
Jackson: See, that’s not true. I’m just choosing the best wat to fulfill my true function. See, sometimes hierarchical command structures don’t allow you to consider all the options.
Lotan: I see.

Jackson: We found the original Enkaran homeworld.
Hedrezar: What?
Carter: How?
Jackson: It was one of several million planets scanned by the ship before it settled on this one. It was rejected partly because of the presence of intelligent life forms.
O’Neill: He’s telling us this now?
Jackson: Well he didn’t know. Technically he’s just a day and a half old.

Hedrezar: But you are Enkaran. You must stay with us.
Lotan: That is not contrary to my program.
Jackson: Lotan says thank you, he’d like that very much.