Stargate SG-1 Season 4



Carmen Argenziano  Peter Williams  Peter Wingfield

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Tanith (Peter Wingfield): What just happened?
Tok’ra: Sensors detect a mother ship entering orbit.
Tanith: We must evacuate immediately.
Tok’ra: We have been expecting it.
O’Neill ringing in: Hey kids. We’re not parked in a red zone, are we?

Teal’c: Tanith was surprised to see us.
Jacob: We didn’t want to give him any warning.
O’Neill: He doesn’t suspect you’re on to him?
Jacob: Not that we know of. We’ll see soon enough.
Teal’c: Of what do you speak?
Jacob: Well, thanks to the mother ship you’re so graciously lending us—
O’Neill: It’s not me. Hammond. It was an order.
Jacob: Well anyway we’ll be ablr to move the Stargate to a planet not currently on the Goa’uld map. We’ll finally be able to ensure the security of a more permanent Tok’ra base. As useful as Tanith has been, relaying false information to Apophis, we can’t afford to take him with us.
Teal’c: What will become of him?
Jacob: We have a little surprise for you.

Tanith (Peter Wingfield): How exactly did a Goa’uld mother ship come into your possession?
O’Neill: Well it was kind of a… trade deal.
Tanith: How so?
O’Neill: Cronus gave us his ship. And he got what was coming to him.

Tanith to Teal’c: You will never escape. The System Lords will hunt you down to the ends of the galaxy.
O’Neill: That guy is a living cliché.

O’Neill: Hey! Don’t scuff the walls. I want this ship back the way we found it.

Jacob: It seems Tanith’s been busy. We’ve received word from one of our operatives that Apophis has been given our location.
O’Neill: I guess he’s trying to make up for the last few months.
Jacob: An attack fleet is on its way.

Carter: This is the sun that Vorash is orbiting. It’s a regular main sequence star with a core temperature of about fifty million degrees and enough hydrogen to burn for five billion years.
O’Neill: Yeah?
Jacob: We wanna blow it up.
Jackson: Wow. That’s, ah…
Daniel and Jack: Ambitious.

Jackson: Um, How are we supposed to remove some of the star’s mass?
Carter: Well, uh, this is going to sound a little crazy. But we dial P3W-451. It’s the planet where we encountered the black hole.
O’Neill: Wow. That sounds a little crazy.
Carter: Yeah.

Teal’c: Twice I have had the opportunity to avenge the murder of Shau’nac. Twice I have let Tanith slip through my grasp. I have failed Shau’nac.
Jackson: That’s not true. You let Tanith live so the Tok’ra could use him, and it worked. And now we’re about to take down Apophis and the largest Goa’uld fleet ever assembled.
Teal’c: It will be a great victory.
Jackson: That’s right.
Teal’c: And yet, knowing what Apophis did to Sha’re, would you not trade it all for the opportunity to crush the life from his throat with your bare hands?

O’Neill: Something wrong?
Carter: No. I’ve just never blown up a star before.
O’Neill: Well they say the first one is always the hardest.

Jacob: We’ve lost main power. Hyperdrive is down. We’re sitting ducks.

O’Neill: Uh… Teal’c?
We must not allow Tanith to escape.

O’Neill: It seems we’re going after him.
Jackson: It’s a Jaffa revenge thing.
Carter: Sir, you only have a little more than an hour.
O’Neill: Aw, Carter, relax. We’ll be back in plenty of time. Right, Teal’c? We’ll be back in plenty of time. Buddy? Pal?!

O’Neill: This is sooo last time I help someone move.

Jackson: I think we have a problem here. I figured that flashing wasn’t good news. And the fact that in Goa’uld it says, “Warning! Warning!”.
Jacob: It’s Apophis. He’s here.

Apophis (Peter Williams): Where are the Tokra?
Tanith: The attempt to stop their ship was thwarted. However I have managed to procure a gift which will make the journey seem worthwhile. {they bring in Teal’c}
Apophis: The sholva. You have done well.

Carter: What just happened?
Jacob: We must have caught the tail end of the blast wave. It knocked us off-course.

Carter: Sir. Where’s Teal’c?
O’Neill: I’m not sure. I think he’s dead.
Jacob: If Apophis has him—
Carter: Well we have to go back.
Jacob: It may not be possible, Sam.

Jacob: Given our current position. at maximum hyperdrive speed, it’s going to take us a hundred and twenty-five years to get back. Long-range sensors are picking up another ship. It’s Apophis.