Stargate SG-1 Season 4



Musetta Vander  Peter Wingfield  Vanessa Angel

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Gate technician: We’re receiving Bra’tac’s IDC, sir.
O’Neill: Bra’tac.
Hammond: Open the iris. Have Teal’c come to the Gate room.
Shaun’ac (Musetta Vander): I mean you no harm.
O’Neill: Bra’tac. You’ve done something with your hair.

Shaun’ac: Bra’tac has told me much of the Tau’ri. You are O’Neill. Teal’c’s apprentice.
O’Neill: Yeah. {realizing} Apprentice?

Shaun’ac: You must take me to the Tok’ra immediately. I have information that could destroy the Goa’uld.

O’Neill about Teal’c and Shaun’ac: I’m thinking they got history.
Carter: History?
O’Neill: Oh yeah.
Jackson: She’s a temple priestess.
O’Neill: So?
Jackson: So they don’t do a lot of dating.

O’Neill: Is it dangerous?
Jackson: Jack, he’s stopping his heart.
O’Neill: I mean for us.

Freya (Vanessa Angel): Egeria came to the Tau’ri to stop the Goa’uld from taking humans through the Stargate as slaves. Ra found her and killed her, but not before she spawned our movement.
Carter: Literally.
Freya: Yes.
O’Neill: Thanks for that image.

Anise: Your father ask that I shake your hand. And give Colonel O’Neill a big kiss from him.
Carter: Ah, that might be the wrong way around.
O’Neill: Maybe.

O’Neill: How do I hang up with Anise and talk to Freya?
Anise: Why?
O’Neill: I like Freya!

O’Neill: I guess we should just mosey on back to Earth. Tell General Hammond how the Tok’ra boned us again.

Teal’c to Tanith (Peter Wingfield): We will meet again. You have my promise.