Stargate SG-1 Season 5



Teryl Rothery  Tony Amendola

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Teal’c: It is good to see you, O’Neill.
O’Neill: You too.
Teal’c: You appear to be well.
O’Neill: Well. Forget appearances. The back’s gone, the knee’s shot. Forget curling. You?
Teal’c: I am well again.
O’Neill: So I hear. Welcome back.
Teal’c: I once again pledge to you my allegiance. And ask your forgiveness for succumbing to the will of Apophis.
O’Neill: Well he did sort of have you over a barrel. You being dead and all.

O’Neill: You know, just for fun. I’d love to hear you say it out loud.
Teal’c: That Apophis is a false god. That the Goa’uld are nothing more than parasites.
O’Neill: Yeah, that’s it.
Teal’c: I hope to one day restore your trust in me, O’Neill. And to return to your service, General Hammond.
O’Neill: What do you think? {no objections} After you.

Bra’tac (Tony Amendola): Hello, old friend.
Teal’c: Master Bra’tac. It has been too long.
Bra’tac: So it has. Your friends of Earth took great pains to bring me here. {he looks into Teal’c’s eyes} He is deceiving you.

Bra’tac rips out Teal’c’s symbiote
O’Neill: Ho! What are you doing?
Bra’tac: If Teal’c won’t hear the truth in words, he must learn of it another way. The only way left to us.

Hammond: Master Bra’tac, before we proceed—
Bra’tac: We waste time!
Hammond: Please explain to me it is what you hope to achieve by depriving Teal’c of his symbiote.
Bra’tac: I hope to save him.
Jackson: By killing him.
Bra’tac: If necessary.
O’Neill: See. I think we disagree on the meaning of the word “save.”

Bra’tac: The Rite of Mal Shar’rim is the only way.
Jackson: Last Rite.
Bra’tac: To save Teal’c’s soul, first we must take him to the very threshold of death. On Chulak, it is said that when a warrior is dying, the events that forge him wash over his mind like a great wave.
Jackson: His whole life passes before his eyes. We have a similar— Ah, what does that get us?
Bra’tac: Through his fever and hallucination he will relive his true path buried beneath this lie.
O’Neill: You’ve done this before.
Bra’tac: Twice. In my hundred and thirty-seven years.
Carter: So you know it works?
Bra’tac: Neither Jaffa had the strength to turn back from the precipice. But I am content they died free. Teal’c would ask for nothing more.

Bra’tac: And where is your god now, Teal’c?
Teal’c: He will come.
O’Neill: I don’t think so, T. I know we’ve been over this a few times, but in case you weren’t listening I am one hundred percent… sure… ninety-nine percent sure Apophis is dead.

Apophis: Tell me of this one.
Bra’tac: His name is Teal’c, my Lord. My apprentice. And with your blessing, my successor.

Fraiser: At the moment he’s unconscious.
Bra’tac: All the better.
O’Neill: “All the better”!?
Bra’tac: It is his unconscious mind we must reach!

Bra’tac: Life for the sake of life means nothing. Neither for me nor for Teal’c. Do you understand?
Carter: I think I do.
Bra’tac: Either he returns to us as we knew him or he does not return.

O’Neill: You wanna go first?
Jackson: Sure. {Jackson sits there and stares and Teal’c}
O’Neill: I’ll go.
Jackson: Yep.

O’Neill: So explain this to me one more time. You honestly believe that from the moment you broke us out of that prison on Chulak you’ve been serving Apophis? Because I gotta tell ya, as your best friend—at least in this whole wide world—that makes absolutely no sense at all. I mean that would make you the most ineffective double agent in the history of double agenting.

O’Neill: Velar. Is that what he said?
Teal’c: I thought he said “velour”.
O’Neill: “Velour”? The fabric?
Teal’c: That’s what I heard him say.
O’Neill: Why would he say that?
Teal’c: I don’t know. Why would he say “velar”?
O’Neill: I don’t know!

Teal’c: What is happening? Why am I restrained?
O’Neill: Well you were sort of trying to kill everyone these last few weeks.

Jackson: Woman? Did he just call me a woman?
O’Neill: Yes, I believe he did.

Carter: How’s Junior doing?
Dr. Fraiser: The symbiote is fine for now. Although I don’t know what we’re going to do with it if we let Teal’c die. But that won’t be my problem. I’ll have already resigned if we let this go that far.

Carter: So is it working? Has he said anything?
O’Neill: He talked about fabric. Briefly.
Jackson: He just called me a woman.
O’Neill: So I think it’s working.

Teal’c: I cannot help what I believe.
Carter: You believe in freedom, Teal’c. You believe in justice. In protecting people from false gods. You despise everything Apophis was.

Bra’tac: Your dreams of freedom will be your undoing, Teal’c.
Teal’c: Perhaps so.
Bra’tac: Pray they will not be chosen as hosts. That is the best fate you can wish for them.

Bra’tac: Choose now, Teal’c. Return to those who love you or die in the name of a false god. Choose! Choose to be the warrior we know! Renounce Apophis and return to us!
Fraiser: It’s now or never.
Bra’tac: Choose!

Teal’c: I choose freedom.

Bra’tac: The rite has succeeded. He has returned to us.
O’Neill: Ah, just out of curiosity, how do you feel about—
Teal’c: Apophis is a false god. A dead false god.
O’Neill: That’s good enough for me.