Stargate SG-1 Season 5

Between Two Fires


Garwin Sanford  Marie Stillin  Peter Wingfield

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Narim (Garwin Sanford): Counselor Omoc was well aware that he had very few true friends. He was not concerned with trivial relationships. In his testament, he asked that his memorial be attended only by those whom he respected.
Jackson: Uh, no offense, but what are we doing here?
Narim: He may not have shown you much warmth or affection, but I can tell you Omoc had a great deal of reverence for all of you.

Carter: Sir? Narim just handed me this.
Narim: Samantha, I’m sorry I was unable to tell you this in person. I do not know who I can trust. Before his death, Omoc gave me a warning and I believe it to be true. Earth is in grave danger.

Hammond: Narim gave you no other indication that something might be wrong?
Carter: No sir, everything was fine.
O’Neill: For a funeral.
Jackson: You have to admit it did seem a little strange there were so few people there.
O’Neill: Hey! You knew him. What’s strange?
Carter: Whatever he knew, I’d be willing to bet that Omoc’s warning has something to do with why Travell wants to meet tomorrow.

Travell: We would like to propose an exchange.
O’Neill: Ah, the sound of the other shoe.

O’Neill: In exchange we get?
Travell: A Tollan ion cannon.
O’Neill: One of those… big honkin’ space guns that shoots Goa’uld ships out of the sky?
Travell: Yes.
O’Neill: Cool.

Narim: As you know another world once destroyed themselves because we shared our technology with them. That’s why we had so strongly resisted sharing what we know with more primitive societies.
O’Neill: You know we prefer “less advanced” if you don’t mind.

Carter: So at this point one ion cannon is likely to cause more harm than good.
Hammond: How many do we need to set up a proper protective net around the entire planet?
Carter: Thirty-eight. In all.
O’Neill and Jackson: Thirty-eight?

Hammond: Colonel, under the circumstances—
O’Neill: If you’re going to recommend, sir, that I continue to be suspicious and skeptical…
Hammond: I wouldn’t waste my time.
O’Neill: Good thinking, sir.

Hammond: What you’re sensing as trouble could be simple internal political wrangling.
O’Neill: I understand that.
Hammond: Or we could be walking into a minefield.
O’Neill: Thank you sir. These little chats of ours always bring me great joy. And serve to ease my mind.

Narim: Our implants are linked to a central system. If anything goes wrong, health officers are dispatched immediately. Now normally, maximum response itme is under five minutes. The night of Omoc’s death, it took them over ten minutes.
Carter: What are you saying?
Narim: That just doesn’t happen. The system is flawless.
O’Neill: No. What are you saying?
Narim: Well I believe—{two other Tollans walk by} I believe Omoc may have been murdered.

Jackson: Mind if I ask what you need the Trinium for?
Travell: Trinium is combined with a number of elements to create a compound that is used in various Tollan technologies.
O’Neill: Do you people practice being vague?

O’Neill: We just don’t feel one cannon… is gonna work.
Jackson: You see, one doesn’t go so far in protecting an entire planet.
Travell: Yes, that was discussed by the Curia.
O’Neill: Well we’ve come up with a solution you may not have considered.
Travell: Yes.
O’Neill: Give us more than one.
Travell: How many would you require?
Jackson: Thirty.
O’Neill: Eight.
Jackson: Thirty-eight. Total.
Travell: I see. Well I understand your demand. Please, give me some time to present your demnd to the Curia. {she leaves}
O’Neill: That went well.
Jackson: Mm hm.

Carter: Narim.
Narim: Yes, Samantha?
Carter: Is that my voice?
Narim: I’m sorry. I was hoping you wouldn’t notice.

Jackson: So we push on blindly then?
O’Neill: Blindly, yes, But we still have our slightly-heightened sense of smell.

Hammond: As far as what you told me, there seems to be an evil conspiracy among the Tollan Curia, whose apparent goal is to give us everything we ever wanted. That makes no sense.
O’Neill: I said that.

Narim: Of course. That must be it. This weapon is intended to replace the ion cannon in defense of our planet.
Carter: Sorry Narim, that just doesn’t add up. A Goa’uld would never drop by just so you could check out his new shield technology and then go away to give you itme to build a weapon to penetrate it.

Tanith (Peter Wingfield):How lovely it is to see you both again. I assume Teal’c must be around here somewhere.
Travell: The others are being apprehended as we speak.
Tanith: I am so looking forward to seeing him and Colonel O’Neill again.

Narim: How did you find me?
O’Neill: You’re the one wearing grey.

Narim: The Tollan Curia made a deal with a Goa’uld. His name is Tanith. {Teal’c looks livid}
O’Neill: Easy big fella.

Jackson: So, how are you taking orders from now
Travell: Apparently the one he serves has no name.
Tanith: Oh, he has a name. The likes of you are simply forbidden to know it.

Travell: Narim’s health implant. What have you done with him?
O’Neill: Nothing. Although while these guys were chasing us—
Teal’c: Narim was able to move freely.

Carter: Aren’t you coming with us?
Narim: My actions have forced my people to fight a battle we may very well lose. The least I can do is stay and fight with them.
O’Neill: Thank you. Good luck.
Carter: I hope this isn’t goodbye.
Narim: Go.