Stargate SG-1 Samantha Carter

Season 7


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Jonas: It’s not the Lost City. It’s the City of Lost.
Carter: Do you have a Gate address?
Jonas: There’s a reference and some partial translations that Dr. Jackson was working on from the Library of the Four Races. It talks about a city of the Ancients called “Vis Uban” as being a place where a plague began. This was going to be the crown jewel in the entire Ancient domain. Only it was still under construction when the plague broke out.
Carter: Two words: Gate address.

Carter: All I know is, if I were you I’d definitely want to get to know me. … You.

Carter: Our goal is to take out Anubis’ new super weapon. It’s what gives him a clear advantage over the rest of the Goa’uld mother ships. Now, we’ve received word from Teal’c that Yu has pledged to bring the full force of the remaining System Lords’ fleet down on Anubis once we’ve succeeded.
O’Neill: Okay. Everyone who thinks this is absolutely an insane idea, raise your hand. Come on, be honest.
Everyone, including Carter, eventually raise their hand.

O’Neill: All I’m saying—just for the record—this is the wackiest plan we’ve ever come up with.
Carter: Wackier than strapping an active Stargate to the bottom of an X-303?
O’Neill: Oh yeah.
Carter: Wackier than blowing up a sun?
O’Neill walking out of the room: Yep!
Carter: He’s probably right.


Fragile Balance

Carter: Do you know how much trouble you’re in right now? Impersonating a military officer is a federal offense.
Young O’Neill (Michael Welch): I am not impersonating anyone. I am Jack O’Neill.

Jackson: Okay, well… there’s no easy way to tell you this so… Sam’s just gonna come right out and say it.
Sam gives him a look.
Carter: Well, sir… as you know, the Asgard depend on a cloning technology…
Young O’Neill: Oh, for cryin’ out loud.
Teal’c: You have been cloned, O’Neill.

Young O’Neill: Wow. You know I’m really much taller than I think.
O’Neill: Carter?
Carter: Colonel O’Neill, meet… Colonel O’Neill


Carter: …So they fly halfway across the galaxy in a highly-advanced spaceship but they don’t use their technology to take over the planet. You know what their weakness turned out to be? Water.


Carter: Pallan, you have to disconnect.
Pallan: That would be suicide.
Carter: No! That’s just a lie that’s been planted by the computer.


Enemy Mine

Space Race

Warrick: As I was telling General Hammond and Dr. Jackson, I am here to offer you full access to the ion propulsion engine on the Seberus.
Carter: That’s great. Sir, this could—.
Hammond: I read your report, Major. I won’t debate the value of the technology. But there’s more.
Warrick: In return, I would like your help. To win a race.

Carter: Look. I know that this could be dangerous. But this is our job, right? It’s what we signed on to do. We take risks in the hopes of achieving new levels of technology. If—and I stress if—participating in this race happens to be a little bit, I don’t know…
Jackson: Fun?
Carter: What’s a girl to do?
Jackson: That’s just what I thought.

Warrick: Major Carter. If you are to be my co-pilot, you’ll need to know how the ship works.
Carter: What is this?
Warrick: A complete operations manual of the Seberus.
I had it translated for you.
Carter: Thank you.
O’Neill: That’s not our language.
Carter: It’s mine. Sir.
O’Neill: Right!

Teal’c: I am in your debt, Major Carter.
Carter: Indeed.

Warrick: It’s dangerous.
Carter: More dangerous than flying into a sun?

Jackson: You’re just sorry that you lost.
Carter: Well come on! It wasn’t fair. Buncha cheaters.
Jackson: So whatcha gonna do?
Carter: Next year I’m gonna kick butt.

Avenger 2.0

Carter: Look Jay, I know you feel bad about this.
Felger: What’s to feel bad about? I mean it probably took the Ancients a thousand years to build the Gate system and I wrecked it in a single day. Not to mention the fact that I’ve isolated us from all the off-world resources we’re going to need to defend ourselves. Leaving us sitting ducks for the next Goa’uld attack. But who cares.

Carter: Jay, I’m not perfect.
Felger: See, you have to say that because you’re modest. Which is just another aspect of your perfection.

Hammond: Have you and Dr. Felger made any progress?
Carter: I can’t find him.
Hammond: Excuse me?
Carter: Apparently Dr. Felger has left the base. I think the pressure was getting to him.
Hammond: I thought you said all he needed was a little support.
Carter: Yeah. I may have been wrong about that.

Carter: Okay, I admit it. He’s a complete screw-up. He makes rash decisions based on sketchy evidence, he’s clumsy in the lab, he’s always late. And, quite frankly, it wouldn’t kill him to ease up on the aftershave. But the fact is, sir, he’s at Stargate Command because he’s a brilliant scientist. And no one understands that virus better than he does.

Felger: It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? You and I working together. We’re like the intellectual Butch and Sundance of the SGC.
Carter: Butch and Sundance got cornered and killed by the Bolivian army.
Felger: That’s a good point, yeah.


Evolution : Part One

Carter: It’s a Goa’uld. Quite frankly that’s not as socking as the host.
Hammond: How so?
Carter: It has an incredibly unusual organ structure.
Jacob: Everything’s out of proportion. Physiologically, the heart and lungs have to be abnormally large to supply enough blood and oxygen to its muscles. Basically it’s someone tried to engineer the perfect athlete without any concern for longevity.

Evolution : Part Two

O’Neill: I’m going after Daniel.
Carter: Good.
O’Neill: This other mission—
Carter: Shouldn’t be a problem, sir. When do you leave?
O’Neill: Now.
Carter: Good luck.
O’Neill: You too.

O’Neill: Hey. So nice command.
Carter: We did manage to make it out alive, sir.
O’Neill: There is that. Lunch?


Colonel Ronson: So this thing is different from a nebula how?
Carter: Well that’s what makes it so exciting, sir. We don’t know exactly.
Colonel Ronson: And it just so happens that this formation is in the vicinity of our next cool-down coordinates.
Carter: It’ll only be a little bit out of our way, sir. All I ask is two hours tops.
Colonel Ronson: If only so I can see the expression on your face firsthand. The words “kid in a candy store” come to mind.
Carter: I’ll maintain my composure, sir.

Carter: This is Major Samantha Carter of the United States Air Force vessel Prometheus. As the sole remaining member of the ship, I feel compelled to keep a log of these events. After being attacked by a hostile alien ship, I sustained an injury and lost consciousness. When I awoke, I found the ship devoid of all crew. An initial systems review indicated the hyperdrive to be operational. But the sublight engines remain offline. Possibly due to damage from the attack. I am hopeful further investigation will provide more answers. However, my first duty is to find out what happened to the crew. Having search the entire ship and found no one, only one possiblity remains to explain their disappearance. {she checks the escape pods: zero remain}

Teal’c: Major Carter. Hear me. You must remain conscious at all costs.
Carter: I just need to rest for awhile.
Teal’c: You can not! Listen to me: You are injured. If you sleep you will die. Do you understand?
Carter: I know.
Teal’c: If you sleep, you will die!

Jackson: Yep, I’d say you’re stuck all right. {Sam ignores the Daniel hallucination} Oh come on, Sam. You’ve been running the same diagnostic program for four hours now. What makes you think the results are suddenly going to change? Sam? Hello!
Carter: Were you this annoying when you were ascended?

Jackson: Look, you need some help, that’s all. Will you just try going along with this?
Carter: You’re me talking to me?

Teal’c: Everything may not be as it seems.
Carter: Thanks. But the fact that I’m talking to someone who isn’t even here kind of speaks to that.
Teal’c: On the contrary. I think it’s you that’s not here.
Carter: What are you talking about?
Teal’c: I believe you and the crew are being held as prisoners aboard the other vessel that attacked you.
Carter: How do you know?
Teal’c: It is possible they are probing your mind.

Carter: Did you see a—
Jackson: Little girl?
Carter: Yeah.
Jackson: No.

Carter: I’m so tired.
Grace: You can’t sleep—not yet.
Carter: Why?
Grace: Because we need to talk.

Jacob: Don’t take this the wrong way.
Carter: I know. I don’t look so good.

Carter: I’m thinking you’ve been stuck in here just as long as I have. Only difference is, I found a way out. {no response} Here’s the deal: return my crew—everyone, intact—and let us go. And I’ll help you get out. Do we have a deal?

Colonel Ronson: Now what?
Carter: We see if they keep their end of the bargain.


Carter: Are you saying at this moment there are deposits of naquadah on your planet that are being transformed into naquadria?
Jonas: Yes. One very large one in particular.

Carter: It’s possible to create these particles in the lab. But there’s really only one way they could have been produced in sufficient quantity and with enough energy to penetrate several miles under the crust of the planet.
Jonas: It was the naquadria bomb test. The test we conducted two years ago. We did this to ourselves.

Kianna: You made the right choice. Your confidence in me will not go unrewarded.
Carter: We had to choice. And for the record, our confidence in you is minimal.
Kianna: Which is no doubt why the Sholva will be accompanying us. And why all of you are armed.


Carter: I feel compelled to warn you. Most of the guys I’ve dated recently have died.
Pete Shanahan (David DeLuise): As in—
Carter: Dead.

Jackson: Did I mention in that dream the tablet was in Ancient and in the dream I could read Ancient.
Carter: Well that’s not so odd considering you can also do that when you’re awake.

Carter: I wish I could tell you more.
Pete: You don’t trust me.
Carter: I’m not allowed.

Teal’c: Did you not say that Sarah introduced the tablet to you during one of the dreams?
Jackson: Yeah.
Teal’c: And that you feel that you have no control over the dreams.
Jackson: Yeah.
Carter: Teal’c?
Teal’c: The Goa’uld possess the technology to explore one’s memory.

Farrity: If you ask me this Major Carter is connected to something big. you might want to back off from this one, okay buddy? This one’s way out of your league.
Pete: Hey! It’s not like I’m dating her or anything.
Farrity: Right.

Death Knell

Heroes : Part One

Bregman: Samantha Carter. Meet the six and a half billion people of planet Earth.
Carter: Hi.

Bregman: Can we get a shot of the Gate spinning?
Carter: Sure. It’s really cool. Steam comes out of it and everything.

Jackson: None of this is about truth. It’s all about political posturing.
Carter: Yeah, he really grilled me on that.
Jackson: About whether or not the Stargate program should go public?
Carter: Yeah.
Jackson: What’d you say?
Carter: Babbled incoherently.

Jackson: It was all because I wanted an aerial survey.
Carter: It took me too long to figure out the probe sent a transmission.
O’Neill: None of that matters now.

Heroes : Part Two


Agent Noel Barrett: Just thought you might want to watch a master of interrogation at work.
Carter: You calling someone special?


Lost City : Part One

Carter: The fate of the world is hanging in the balance and you’ve been sitting in your truck finishing this?
O’Neill: I believe it was double or nothing.
Carter: Okay. 23 across. “The Atomic weight of boron.” The answer is ten.
O’Neill: Yes?
Carter: You wrote the word “fat.”
O’Neill: Your point?

O’Neill: Carter, you’re one of this country’s natural resources—if not national treasures. It couldn’t have gone down any other way.

O’Neill: Three days from now is a Thursday. Thursday’s not good for us.
Carter: Why now?
Teal’c: Anubis believes that we know the location of the Lost City.
Carter: We don’t.
Not yet.

Lost City : Part Two

Jackson: Proclarush Teonas. I think you wrote the planet where we’ll find the Lost City in the crossword.
O’Neill: Bit of a jump.
Jackson: Why else would you do that?
Carter about Jack’s crossword puzzle: The clue for seven down is “celestial body.” And he wrote “Uma Thurman.”

Carter: Sir. I think you should know that General Hammond authorized me to take command of the team if I—
O’Neill: Do it now.
Carter: Sir, I don’t think that’s necessary.
O’Neill: I trust you. I’ll make it easy for you. I resign. You’re in charge.

Jackson: So we’re a million years late?
Carter: Probably more.

O’Neill: Teonas.
Carter: Sir?
O’Neill: What?
Jackson: You looked at the screen and said, “Teonas”.
O’Neill: If you say so.
Jackson: You say so.

Jackson: The city we’re looking for is under the ice of Antarctica?
Carter: It’s been on Earth the whole time?
Jackson: Jack, we were just there.
Carter: So we came all this way just to find out we have to go back?
O’Neill: No.

Jackson: I don’t think this is it, Sam.
Carter: What do you mean?
Jackson: The dome is too small. Teonas. It’s obviously not a city, it’s just an outpost of some kind.
Carter: This isn’t Atlantis?
Jackson: I don’t think so.
Teal’c: If this is not the Lost City, then where is it?