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The Serpent’s Lair

Bra’tac: You should not have come.
Teal’c: I stand by my friends. I believe this world may be our only hope of one day overcoming the false gods.
Bra’tac: Yes. As pathetic as that may seem at the moment… I agree.

Samuels: Forgive me, sir. I know how important SG-1 is to you. But this is wishful thinking.
Hammond: So’s your plan, Colonel. That hasn’t stopped us from going ahead with it.

Bra’tac: Perhaps when the warships of your world attack, we may be able—
Carter: Ah ah ah. Excuse me. Did you say, “ships of our world”?
Bra’tac: Surely you have such vessels.
Jackson: Well, we have a number of… shuttles.
O’Neill: Shuttles.
Bra’tac: These “shuttles”, they are a formidable craft?
O’Neill: Oh, yeah. Yeah. {to himself} Bad day.

O’Neill: How many in your wing?
Bra’tac: Three.
O’Neill: Three?
Bra’tac: Teal’c makes four.
O’Neill: Oh, well. Four.
: I have trained these warriors since they were chal’ti. They have sworn their lives to me. It is no simple thing to ask.
O’Neill: And we appreciate it, believe me. But what are the odds of taking out a ship like this with four gliders and—maybe—a shuttle?

O’Neill: I think it’s time for a new plan.
Bra’tac: We offer to lay down our lives for your world, Human. You can not ask more
O’Neill: No. I can’t. But I think the better idea is to get the other guys to lay down their lives for world first. Hm?

Bra’tac: We shall have to cross that bridge when we come to it.
O’Neill: You know, that particular cliché doesn’t… always work.

Samuels: General, maybe we should consider using the Stargate as a strategic weapons platform.
Hammond: How?
Samuels: By sending a bomb to the coordinates Dr. Jackson was talking about. Or to Chulak.
Hammond: We already tried to send a team through to Dr. Jackson’s coordinates. It won’t work. And I can’t think of any military reason to wipe out the people of Chulak.
Samuels: Well sir, since I’m no longer wanted or needed here, I respectfully request permission to join one of the teams headed to the Alpha site.
Hammond: Permission denied. The idea is to send the best and the brightest, Colonel.

Klorel: Come. Witness the power of your god.
Bra’tac: I cannot.
Klorel: Why do you defy me?
Bra’tac: Because you are not a god. You are a parasite within a child. And I despise you.

Apophis: Bra’tac. How dare you betray me!
Bra’tac: I have spent one hundred and thirty-three years worshipping false gods. No more!

Bra’tac: The field generators are far below. There—in the very bowels of the ship. We must climb down several decks through the length of the ship, then taking our weapons, we must… {Jack launches the grenades down into the core}
O’Neill: Grenades.

Bra’tac: Now we die.
O’Neill: Well, that’s a bad plan.

Carter: It’s gonna be a beautiful sunset, sir.
O’Neill: You know, Captain. This wasn’t such a bad day after all.
Carter: Not bad at all.
Bra’tac: We die well, Teal’c.
Teal’c: More than that, old friend. We die free.
O’Neill: Or not.

Bra’tac: You are Hammond of Texas.
Hammond: I am.
Bra’tac: Your warriors serve you well.

In the Line of Duty

O’Neill: Janet says you’ve been a little upset since Sam was here. What happened?
Cassandra: She said she’d kill me if I told.
O’Neill: You don’t mean “kill you” kill you? Oh, I doubt that.
Cassandra: She said she would.
O’Neill: Cass, Same loves you. She’d never do anything to hurt you.
Cassandra: She would now.
O’Neill: Why?
Cassandra: She’s a Goa’uld.



The Gamekeeper

Kawalsky: Why are you acting so spooked, Jack?
O’Neill: Maybe because I am. You’re both supposed to be dead.

Colonel John: This ain’t the one that you and me die on.
O’Neill: As a matter of fact this is the one that you die on.

The Keeper: You must try another alternative.
Jackson: No.
The Keeper: You would allow your parents to suffer an awful death?
Jackson: I won’t play your game.
The Keeper: You are an obstinate race.

The Keeper: We cannot leave our chambers. The world outside is uninhabitable. It has been poisoned and desecrated.
Teal’c: You are mistaken. Your planet is a fertile garden world.
The Keeper: It is you who are mistaken, my alien friend. Our planet was destroyed by a chemical disaster one thousand and twenty-two years ago.

O’Neill: We’re still on PJ7-989. It’s a fake environment.
Kawalsky: Is that really so bad? I mean come on, haven’t you people missed me at all?

The Keeper: They are ruining everything! Did you know they are actually picking the flowers!


Pyrus (George Touliatos): Who sent you? Where are you from?
O’Neill: We’re from a planet called Earth.
Pyrus: What Goa’uld rules there?
O’Neill: None.
Pyrus: Liar. Thieves. You will tell me the truth or you will die.

O’Neill: You know, I’ve seen an awful lot of union violations around here. I should probably speak with your supervisor.
Jaffa: You will work!
O’Neill: Hi ho, hi ho. Back to work.

Jackson: Why are we here?
Shyla (Heather Hanson): I know you must have seen much in your travels. Surely you’ve never seen anything quite so beautiful. We call them trees.
Jackson: Ah. Uh, so do we.

Thor’s Chariot

Heru’ur: Kneel before your god.
Villager: Our god is Thor. He taught us to stand like equals.
Heru’ur: Your god cannot help you now. Only I can.

Jackson: This is the Hall of Might?
Gairwyn: You were expecting something different?
Jackson: Well, uh… maybe a hall.

Gairwyn: Do you not think me worthy? {Thor disappears} Why has he forsaken me?
Carter: It’s just a holographic recording. It’s being projected through that hole in the ceiling.
Jackson: Oh. Yeah. If you say so.

Gairwyn: Is Thor testing us?
Jackson: I figure it’s some sort of safeguard. He wants to be sure whoever finds the weapons is smart enough to understand the technology and use it wisely. It’s like he wants to be sure that his children are grown up enough before he hands them the keys to the armory. Which might not have been a bad idea if we’d done the same thing on Earth.

Thor: I am the actual one, whom you know as Thor.

Thor: I am the Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet.
Gairwyn: How can this be?
Thor: In the ten span since I created this world you are he first to reach this level of contact. You have finally grown wise enough to see me in my true form.
Gairwyn: These are the wise ones. I would never have come this far without their help.
Carter: Gairwyn. It’s a hologram. It was probably recorded a thousand years ago. It can’t hear you.
Thor: On the contrary. My image is a living transmission. I am communicating to you from my quarters aboard the Asgard ship Beliskner.
Jackson: You mean you’re the real Thor? This is, this is… this great. We need your help. The Goa’uld are here.
Thor: Impossible. Cimmeria is a safe world.
Jackson: Yeah. We sort of messed that up.

Gairwyn: I’m to tell you that Thor’s new hammer will make an exception for the one called Teal’c. You are welcome here anytime.

Message in a Bottle

Jackson: Come here.
SG Leader: Who?
Jackson: What? Anybody! Just come here.


Bra’tac: Greetings, old friend. I bring bad news.
Teal’c: My family.
Bra’tac: Your wife is safe.
Teal’c: What of Rya’c?
Bra’tac: Your son has been taken. By Apophis.

Fro’tak: I am Fro’tak of the High Cliffs.
O’Neill: Jack. Of the Windy City.

Fro’tak: When it appeared that you may never return, when you may indeed be dead… Drey’auc had her [?] removed. She is my wife now.

Teal’c: I am not dead.
Bra’tac: In your current situation you may as well be.

Drey’auc: What happened? Where is my son?
O’Neill: He’s alright. We just ran into some problems.
Teal’c: It is far worse than that, O’Neill. Ry’ac’s body lives but his heart and mind have been destroyed.
Drey’auc: What are you saying?
Teal’c: He is now with Apophis.
: The boy was a stranger. A beast.
O’Neill: Oh come on. The kid’s brainwashed.

Bra’tac: Teal’c, I know he is your son, but this is a wisdom far beyond his years.
O’Neill: Yeah, I’m kinda with Bra’tac on this one.

Drey’auc: Before our son was taken, he was training with master Bra’tac. He lost two teeth that day. They are no longer missing.


Jacob Carter (Carmen Argenziano): When George told me you were up for the Airman for your work in… What the hell was that again?
Carter: Analysis of Deep Space Radar Telemetry.
Jacob Carter: Right.

Armen Selig (Chris Owens): Colonel Jack O’Neill, right?
O’Neill: I’m not sure.

Heru’ur: You dare challenge me?
O’Neill: I was thinking about it. {he throws a knife through his hand}.


Fraiser: Teal’c, shouldn’t your larval goa’uld be helping?
Teal’c: That is correct. But it is not. It is, in fact, getting worse.

Dr. Timothy Harlow (Scott Hylands): It appears that the alien insect’s venom is rewriting Teal’c’s genetic material. And it happened very quickly in that blood sample.

Maybourne: This is still my responsibility.
O’Neill: Oh I’m holding you responsible, Maybourne. Don’t you fret.

Maybourne: Striking an officer is a quick way to a court martial.
O’Neill: I’m not gonna hit you, Maybourne. I’m gonna shoot you.

Gutter Punk: Hey, cool tattoo, man. Where’d you get that?
Teal’c: Chulak.
Gutter Punk: Chulak. Where is that, East Side?
Teal’c: Remove yourself from my path.
Gutter Punk: Listen to this guy. I’ll remove myself when you tell me how they do tattoos like that in Chulak.
Teal’c: The skin is cut with an Orac knife. Pure molten gold is pored into the wound.
Gutter Punk: Wow. Don’t it hurt when they do that?
Teal’c: Tremendously. He staggers off.
Ally: That guy’s cool.

Hammond: So Teal’c isn’t going to turn into just one of those things.
Carter: No sir. He’s going to turn into a whole lot of those things.

Ally: If you ask me, you look like you could use a couple more days in rehab.

Ally: Don’t sweat it.
Teal’c: I can not prevent it.

Ally: Listen, you’re a sitting duck down here.
Teal’c: And ducks are bad?
Ally: Uhh… the sitting kind are.

Ally: I ain’t seen nobody and even if I did I wouldn’t tell you.
Maybourne: Why’s that?
Ally: Because I don’t like the way you smell.

Ally: This is like… serious alien stuff going on here. If you won’t tell me what to do, I am gonna get the cops. My dad used to know a couple of guys we can trust.
Teal’c: No!
Ally: But look at you! You don’t really want this to happen, do you?

Hammond: Maybourne has ordered the insect specimen and all related research transferred to the Area 51 facility.
Dr. Harlow: I should’ve shot him.

Teal’c: To show my gratitude, I have brought you a new weapon. One with increased range and firepower.
Ally: Wicked! This so cool. Have any time to play?
Jackson: Uh. Actually— Ally shoots Teal’c and runs off. Guess we shouldn’t have loaded it, huh.
Teal’c: How else will she defend herself? he shoots Jackson
How else.

The Tok’ra : Part One

Carter: Be careful, Daniel.
Jackson: Why?
Carter: Because they’re Goa’uld.
Cordesh: We are not Goa’uld {as his eyes glow}.

Jacob Carter (Carmen Argenziano): There is one thing you could do for me, George.
Hammond: Anything.
Carter: Tell me what my little girl’s doing.
Hammond: Except that. You know it’s classified.
Carter: George, they’re telling me I don’t have much time left. Who am I gonna tell? God?

O’Neill: We’ve done nothing but get interrogated here. Now are we prisoners and are you Goa’ulds?
Jackson: Jack—
Garshaw: You are not. And I have told you, we are not Goa’uld.
O’Neill: Alright, then why do you talk like that? And what’s with the glowing eyes? Huh? Might it have something to do with a little reptilian activity in your heads?
Garshaw: We have symbiotic creatures within us, yes.
O’Neill: Well then?
Jackson: Well then you can see how we might think you’d be a danger to humans. You take humans as hosts.
Garshaw: Goa’uld take hosts. Tok’ra do not. Our’s wish to be so.
Martouf (JR Bourne): We have a truly symbiotic relationship.

Carter: …you don’t use the sarcophagus, yes?
Martouf: That’s correct. We believe to do so would drain the good from our hearts.
Jackson: I can vouch for that.

Jackson: Wait a minute. You think by form an alliance we mean we want to be hosts?
Garshaw: Well what other sort of alliance would a non-blended human and a Tok’ra want to have?
O’Neill: Well we do have a common enemy. How about friendship?
Carter: We could share information.
Teal’c: We can engage in battle side-by-side.

Martouf: Tell me of Jolinar’s last days.
Carter: Well it’s kind of weird. It’s like I’m left with these feelings, intuitions. I know this: she sacrificed herself to save me. That says a ton about her character as far as I’m concerned.

O’Neill: Colonel Makepeace. What are you doing here?
Makepeace: Colonel Hammond sent us to extract Captain Carter.
Carter: Why?
Makepeace: I’m afraid it’s your father, Captain. He’s in the hospital in serious condition.

O’Neill: You have to let her go home.
Garshaw: I’m afraid we cannot do that.
Carter: Why?
Garshaw: We have made our decision. We have decided not to accept your request for an alliance.
Cordesh: Therefore you shall be our guests. Until such time as we decide to move to another planet.

The Tok’ra : Part Two

O’Neill: So we are prisoners. You’re lookin’ like Goa’uld to me.
Garshaw: We’re doing this for your protection as well as ours. Knowledge of our whereabouts makes you and your world a priority target for the System Lords.
O’Neill: We’re already a priority target.
Teal’c: They previously dispatched two motherships to destroy us.

Carter: You said that a symbiote can cure most problems in a human.
Garshaw: Yes.
Carter: Can it cure cancer?

Jacob: You do that a lot?
Carter: Yeah, once or twice a week.
Jacob: It beats the hell out of a shuttle on the back of a rocket.
O’Neill: Goes a lot further too.

Jacob: You sure this is another planet? Looks like Earth.

O’Neill: What the heck’s going on?
Makepeace: We’re free.
O’Neill: Then why are you still here?
Makepeace: Well we want to be allies, right? So we’re lending a hand with the evacuation.
O’Neill: What evacuation?

Jacob: So these are the aliens you were telling me about?
Carter: Well I don’t know if I’d call them aliens.
Sort of half-alien I guess. I mean the outside is human and the inside is shared by a human and a symbiote. Martouf is actually two different souls, I guess, sharing the same body.
Jacob: And that’s what you want me to become? You gotta be kidding me.

Jacob: You don’t look so good.
Selmak: You are no vision of beauty yourself, sir.

Saroosh: Selmak is wonderful Tok’ra. She is selfless and caring. She is good company too. She has a wonderful sense of humor.
Carter: Well that’s good Dad. You can sit around for hours cracking yourself up.

Jackson: Garshaw, what will Martouf do if the Goa’uld get too close?
Garshaw: I regret that at the risk of capture Martouf will destroy the underground compound with himself and all your people in it.

Carter: Did we open the Gate or did they?
Selmak: We have no choice.

Garshaw: Do you not have a dialing device here?
O’Neill: Yeah, we slapped one together.

Carter: Do you have to go so soon?
Garshaw: Yeah, I have to go. Apparently I’m the oldest and wisest among us.


Carter: Are we prisoners?
Tonané (Rodney Grant): Oh… you’re free to go.
Carter: Can we have our weapons back?
Tonané: Okay.

Jackson: Wait. You’re not going to perform a ceremonial dance or something?
Tonané: Our great great grandfathers used to call the spirits that way. But one day Xe’ls just said, “Call my name.” So that’s what we do.

Tonané: T’akaya, my friend! My, your coat shines beautifully today. {prompting Carter} A little flattering couldn’t hurt, Sam.
Carter: My, what big eyes you have.

Captain Conner (Roger Cross): They intend to deceive Tonané. It’s time to show the Earthlings the power of the spirits.

Hiding in a storage closet
Jackson: I won’t lie to you. There is a problem. We have to find Jack.
Tonané: Okay. He’s not in here.
Jackson: Right.

Xe’ls (Alex Zahara): You view us now in our true form. But this is only one of many forms we can take. Our friends of this world call us aliens. You call us spirits. From now on, Tonané, you and your people can view us in whatever form pleases you best.
Tonané: You have always been kind to my people. So whatever makes you happy.
T’akaya (Christina Cox): I think this form makes us happy.


Roham: Without the touchstone to shield us, we shall soon be overtaken by the elements.

Roham: Guards, disarm the wrongdoers.
: Hold it! Alright. We came here in peace. We expect to go in one… piece.

Princess La Moor: If my uncle decides to trust you this day, our entire future will depend on this decision.
O’Neill: Okay, that’s a little pressure.

Colonel Maybourne: Teal’c. It’s good to see you well.
Teal’c: In my culture, I would be well within my rights to dismember you.

Maybourne: Take a piece of advice, Jack. Let this one go.

Second Gate Guy: Who the hell are you?
O’Neill: No one’s damn business. Step away from the crate.

The Fifth Race

Carter: What’s it doing?
Tech: Chevron Eight is locked.

O’Neill: You’re the Asgard. Thor’s race.
Asgard: You have heard of us?
O’Neill: Nothing but good things.

Asgard: We have studied your race closely.
O’Neill: Ah. What did you learn?
Asgard2: That your species has great potential.
O’Neill: Great potential. That’s good.

Asgard: Understand this: the was once an alliance of four great races in the galaxy. The Asgard, the Nox—
O’Neill: Met them.
Asgard: The Furlings.
O’Neill: Don’t know them.
Asgard: And the Ancients. The builders of the Stargates.

O’Neill: You folks should understand that we’re out there. Now. We might not be ready for a lot of this stuff, but we’re doing the best we can. We are a very curious race.
Asgard: You have already taken the first steps toward becoming the Fifth Race.

A Matter of Time

Col. Frank Cromwell to O’Neill: Don’t even pretend you understood that.


Machello (in Daniel): How is he?
Fraiser: Not good. He has severe scar tissue all over his body. Looks like he was burned or electrocuted. My guess is he was tortured.
Machello (in Daniel): He’s not going to live much longer, is he?
Fraiser: I don’t think so.

Jackson: As I’ve been trying to tell the General and the good doctor here, I am not Machello. I am Daniel Jackson.
O’Neill: Here we go.
Jackson: I realize what I look like. But I’m telling you, that machine somehow switched us.
Fraiser: He, ah, knows a lot about Daniel.

Machello (in Daniel): Why does no one answer me?
Fred: ‘Cause you’re strange.
Machello (in Daniel): Am I? Tell me why I am strange.
Fred: Man, you can’t just be walking up to people you don’t know on the street and talking all weird like that, asking for stuff.
Machello (in Daniel): Isn’t that what you are doing?
Fred: Well, yeah, but—
Machello (in Daniel): Then you must be strange as well.
Fred: I’ve been called worse.

Machello (in Daniel): If it was not for me, you would have been conquered by now.
Fred: By who? Saddam?
Machello (in Daniel): He is not a System Lord I am familiar with.

Jackson: The Goa’uld use hosts because they think they are better than humans. Because they believe they deserve it. You’re a Goa’uld, Machello. I am nothing but a host to you.
Machello (in Daniel): I am not a Goa’uld.

Machello: Thank you. For my holiday.

Serpent’s Song

Apophis (Peter Williams): O’Neill. I am dying.
O’Neill: My heart bleeds for you.
Apophis: You lie poorly.

O’Neill: What do you want?
Apophis: To live.
O’Neill: Can’t help you there. That’s between you and your god. Oh, wait a minute. You are your god. That’s a problem.

Apophis: That’s why I chose to come here. So that in death I would be assured that you would die with me.

Martouf (JR Bourne): We come only to offer you a word of warning.
O’Neill: Which is?
Martouf: We know you have Apophis. You must return him to the planet you retrieved him from immediately.

Lantesh: We cannot defend you from the Goau’ld. You cannot expect us to.
O’Neill: We don’t.
Lantesh: Overconfidence was their failing, O’Neill. I hope it has not also become yours.

Teal’c: The people of Chulak no longer worship you. They no longer fear you. The time of Apophis has come to an end.
Apophis: Then kill me now!

Apophis: There was a time when you would die for me, Teal’c.
Teal’c: That time is no more.

Apophis: Help me.
O’Neill: No.
Apophis: A host.
O’Neill: No.
Apophis: I am afraid.

One False Step

Dr. Fraiser: Now this is a house call.

Carter: We’ve introduced a number of foreign substances that could be responsible.
Dr. Fraiser: Okay, let’s set up over here.
O’Neill: And the UAV ran into that plant thing I showed you.
Jackson: I’ve been sneezing like crazy ever since we got here.
Carter: And I cut my hand and one of the aliens could have come in contact with my blood.
Teal’c: One of the aliens had lubricant from the UAV on its hands.
Dr. Fraiser: Okay, look. The fact is it could be somebody’s aftershave. Now how are they going to react when I try to run some tests?

Show and Tell

Carter: He’s not Goa’uld or Jaffa. I don’t sense any Naquadah. As far as I can tell he’s clean.
O’Neill: What’s he doing here?
Charlie (Jeff Gulka): I am here to warn you.

Fraiser: Well. As far as I can tell he’s human.
O’Neill: No bomb in the chest? A little biohazard in the tooth maybe?
Fraiser: Checked for both. He’s no threat to us as far as I can tell.

O’Neill: So what do I call you?
Charlie: I do not have a name.
O’Neill: What’s your mom call you?
Charlie: Son.
O’Neill: That’s not much of a name.
Charlie: No. It’s more of a description.

Charlie: That’s why I’m here. To warn you.
O’Neill: Well thank you, Charlie. But we already knew about the Goa’uld.
Charlie: Not the Goa’uld. It’s the Re’tu rebels who intend to eliminate you.

Fraiser: It’s like Mother Nature put him together in a hurry and got everything a little bit wrong.

Carter: Dad, we have a little bit of a situation and we may need Selmak’s help.
Jacob (Carmen Argenziano): Selmak Selmak Selmak. I thought maybe you just wanted to see your old man.

O’Neill: Hey Charlie. How’re you feeling?
Charlie: Tired. Really tired. {there’s some noise in the distance.} Fer cryin’ out loud.

Jacob: The Re’tu rebels are kind of like terrorists are here on Earth. Nasty guys. They could do a lot of damage here, folks. Kill a lot of people.
O’Neill: How many are there?
Jacob: Don’t know. But I do know their M.O. They work in small groups of five infiltrators. They sneak in, split up, plant destructive devices and try to maximize the damage before they’re even detected.

Charlie: Mother says not to cry.
O’Neill: Crying’s okay.
Charlie: She says the boys of your culture do not cry.
O’Neill: Not true. In fact there’s an official list of reasons for which crying is a good thing.
Charlie: Mother is leaving.
O’Neill: Now see, that’s a good reason. Mom leaving I believe is number six on the list of good reasons.

Jackson: Isn’t he a little young to be a host?
Selmak: He is young. But the Tok’ra symbiote that we introduce to his mind can teach him. He will grow up with the advantages that great wisdom brings.
O’Neill: Two keywords there: grow up.


O’Neill: You know, this looks suspiciously like the butt-end of a Titan missile.
Overhead: Standby for test burn in T-minus twenty seconds.
Teal’c: What is a “test burn”?
O’Neill: Just what it sounds like.

Sergeant: The major wants all this stowed for transport, sir.
Hammond: What is it?
Sergeant: My orders are to forget I ever saw it, sir. So I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Thornbird: I’m Major Robert Thornbird. And you are?
O’Neill: Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise.
Thornbird: Your dog tags say otherwise.
O’Neill: They’re lying.
Thornbird: Your American accent is very impressive, Mr. Kirk. Before we ship you out and hand you over to wherever it is they take spies such as yourself, I wanted a word. Your little incursion into our training facility is going to leave an embarrassing mark on my record.
O’Neill: Training facility?
Thornbird: You don’t think we’d test fire a real missile twenty-eight floors inside a mountain, do you?
O’Neill: Listen, you don’t have the exact date—
Thornbird: What was the weapon you used?
O’Neill: Weapon?
Thornbird: Our cameras saw some sort of weapon.
O’Neill: Oh. Well, it’s hard to say.
Thornbird: Some sort of state secret?
O’Neill: No, just difficult to pronounce.

O’Neill: Listen we’ve got gas money. Where you headed?
Michael: Upstate New York. Some big concert.

Michael: We’re even thinking of crossing the border up to Canada.
Teal’c: For what reason?
Michael: You know, man. The war.
Teal’c: The war with Canada.
Michael: No.

Cassie: Hello, Jack. Teal’c. Daniel? I hardly recognized you with hair!
O’Neill: Do… Do we know you?
Cassie: Sam will recognize me. Come closer.
Carter: Oh my god. Cassandra!
Cassie: Dear Sam.
O’Neill: Excuse me, who is this?
Carter: Cassandra.
O’Neill: Cassie’s thirteen years old.
Cassie: Not anymore, Jack. I’ve been expecting you my whole life in fact. You entered the Stargate a few seconds too soon. So the flare threw you far into the future.

Cassie: I will tell you this. Your journey’s just beginning.

Out of Mind

Major General Trofsky (Tom Butler): Welcome back to the land of the living, Colonel. I’m Major General Trofsky. This is General Raully.
General Raully (Samantha Ferris): Maybe we can try to answer some of the questions that are probably weighing heavily on your mind.
Trofsky: First of all, I regret to inform you that everyone on your team—Dr. Daniel Jackson, Captain Samantha Carter and a Jaffa named Teal’c are all deceased.
Raully: As a matter of fact, I’d imagine everyone you ever knew is probably gone now.
Trofsky: You see, Colonel, the year is now 2077.

O’Neill: General, what happened to my team?
Trofsky: They didn’t make it.
O’Neill: I got that.

Trofsky: I’m sorry, General. It was a long time ago.
O’Neill: Maybe for you.

Trofsky: It’s okay, Dr. Jackson. You’re in the SGC. You’re going to be fine.

Trofsky: This one has naquadah in her system, so keep her a little more dosed.

Trofsky: It’s okay, Dr. Carter. You’re in the SGC. You’re going to be fine.
Carter: SG-1?
Raully: I’m afraid they didn’t make it, Captain. I’m sorry.

Raully: Anyone with that technology would be a very powerful ally against Apophis.
Carter: Apophis? Isn’t he dead?

Dr. Fraiser: It’s okay, it’s okay. You’re in the SGC, Teal’c.
Hammond: Good to have you back, Teal’c.
Teal’c: General Hammond. Where is the rest of SG-1?
Hammond: Good question. We were hoping you could tell us.

Teal’c: General Hammond, I will not remain idle while my friend may be in danger on this planet.
Dr. Fraiser: Teal’c, you’ve been unconscious for three weeks.
Teal’c: That is not possible. My symbiote would have awakened me long before the period of three weeks.
Dr. Fraiser: You were barely alive, Teal’c. You had substantial internal injuries.
Hammond: Dr. Fraiser spent most of the three weeks at your side. I’m convinced it was her refusal to give up that kept you alive.
Teal’c: I am in your debt, Dr. Fraiser.

Hathor: Silence!
O’Neill: Oh, I was so hoping never to see you again.

Hathor: Our friend here is ready for a host. Tell us, which one of you shall it be?