Stargate SG-1 George Hammond

Season 7


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Hammond: You have no memory of who I am?
Jackson: None whatsoever.
O’Neill: Neither do I, sir.


Teal’c: That is not Daniel Jackson.
Hammond: But is he a Gou’ald?
Dr. Fraiser: No, sir. Although at the moment he’s every bit as arrogant.
Hammond: Well then is Dr. Jackson suffering from some sort of mental illness?
Dr. Fraiser: I honestly don’t know, sir. His preliminary EEG readings are like nothing I’ve ever seen. On one hand, there’s indication of coma. But at the same time we’re seeing readings like those of a dozen people all jumbled together.

Enemy Mine

Hammond: You have twenty-four hours to convince the Unas to come peaceably. Or they’ll be forcibly removed.

Space Race

Warrick: As I was telling General Hammond and Dr. Jackson, I am here to offer you full access to the ion propulsion engine on the Seberus.
Carter: That’s great. Sir, this could—.
Hammond: I read your report, Major. I won’t debate the value of the technology. But there’s more.
Warrick: In return, I would like your help. To win a race.

Avenger 2.0

Hammond: Have you and Dr. Felger made any progress?
Carter: I can’t find him.
Hammond: Excuse me?
Carter: Apparently Dr. Felger has left the base. I think the pressure was getting to him.
Hammond: I thought you said all he needed was a little support.
Carter: Yeah. I may have been wrong about that.

Evolution : Part One

Carter: It’s a Goa’uld. Quite frankly that’s not as socking as the host.
Hammond: How so?
Carter: It has an incredibly unusual organ structure.
Jacob: Everything’s out of proportion. Physiologically, the heart and lungs have to be abnormally large to supply enough blood and oxygen to its muscles. Basically it’s someone tried to engineer the perfect athlete without any concern for longevity.

Jackson: If Selmak’s right Telchak’s temple is in Southern Honduras.
Hammond: How can we be sure it’s there?
Jackson: Ah, we can’t.

Hammond: I’m afraid I have some bad news. I just received a communique from the State Department in Washington. It appears that Daniel Jackson and Dr. Lee have been kidnapped. Our best guess is that they’ve crossed the border into Nicaragua, however at this moment we have no idea where they are.

Evolution : Part Two

Hammond: A CIA operative in Honduras—Agent Burke—believes he knows where Dr. Jackson and Dr. Lee were taken.
O’Neill: Burke?
Hammond: You know him?
O’Neill: Yes. I do.
Hammond: Anything I should know about him? He’s the only agent down there.
O’Neill: We’re stuck with him regardless, right? {Hammond nods} Nothing you should know about.

Heroes : Part One

Hammond: You may find that we’re not all as giddy as you are about this project, Mr. Bregman.
Emmett Bregman (Saul Rubinek): “Giddy”? I, uh… Well I’m personally and professionally excited—excited to be here, General. I haven’t been giddy since, well, you don’t want to know about that.

Hammond: I think it fair to warn you that no one around here wants to be part of your little reality show.
Bregman: I see. You know, General, I think you’re probably well aware that there were film cameras on the beaches of Normandy decades before Survivor debuted on CBS. Personally I think it’s an outrageous oversight that the Stargate program hasn’t been chronicled up to this point.
Hammond: That’s because it’s top secret. Only a handful of people will see anything you shoot.
Bregman: So far, General. So far. Eventually—inevitably—this program’s gonna be disclosed to the American people and to the whole world. And I like to think that this little film that we’re doing here, might in some small way provide insight into what’s really been going on here in the last six years.
Hammond: What’s “really been going on here”?

Bregman: Why are you sitting there if you’re not going to answer any of the questions?
Teal’c: Because I was requested to be General Hammond.
Bregman: I see. And he didn’t happen to mention to you that part of this involved actually saying something?
Teal’c: No.


Maynard: Hammond and SG-1 are close to finding the Lost City. Let them do their job, sir. Let them save this planet one more time.

President Hayes: As far as I can tell, Hammond and SG-1 have done an extraordinary job under very difficult circumstances. But in doing so, they made some mistakes. Made some enemies. And frankly I don’t know that I can protect them.

Lost City : Part One

Hammond: What happened?
Reynolds: It didn’t quite go according to plan, sir.
Jackson: We have to get him to the infirmary.
O’Neill: I did it again.

President Hayes: I think it was lieutenant last time we spoke, wasn’t it?
Hammond: For both of us. That was a lot of hair ago, sir.

Lost City : Part Two

What the hell was that?
Hammond: That was SG-1.