Stargate SG-1 George Hammond

Season 8


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Prometheus Unbound

O’Neill: General!
Hammond: Jack. I let myself in. Hope you don’t mind.
O’Neill: Absolutely not. Welcome.
Hammond: Thank you.
O’Neill: Miss the chair?
Hammond: Actually, I do.
O’Neill: Want it back?
Hammond: As a matter of fact, I do. My new one just isn’t the same.
O’Neill: That’s not exactly what I meant…

Hammond: I sat back and watched you people go on a lot of adventures over the years.
Jackson: It’s just, I thought when you were replaced at the SGC you were sort of buckin’ for retirement.
Hammond: And then I led Prometheus against Anubis’ fleet.

Colonel Reynolds: The control crystals for both sublight and hyperdrive engines are totally fried.
Dr. Novak: Looks like they were deliberately sabotaged.
Hammond: Can they be repaired?
Dr. Novak: In a word? “No.” We need a new one.

Colonel Reynolds: With all due respect, sir, I—
Hammond: Colonel, someone took my ship. I want it back.

Moebius : Part One

Dr. Jackson: What’s this?
Hammond: Non-disclosure agreement. What we’re about to discuss has been classified top secret by the United States government.
Dr. Jackson: What if we don’t want to sign it?
Hammond: Well then you’re free to leave.
Carter hurriedly signs it.

Hammond: We didn’t bring you here because of the camera. We brought you here because of what was recorded on the tape inside that camera.

Hammond: I want you both to know that your help on this project was most appreciated. Your country owes you a debt of gratitude.
Dr. Jackson: But we’re not done yet.
Hammond: Actually, we’re not done. You two, however, have a plane waiting to take you home.

Hammond: I’m sorry, Dr. Jackson. But neither you nor Dr. Carter possess the training or qualifications for a mission like this. That’s just the way it is.

Moebius : Part Two

Hammond: Are you absolutely certain about them, Colonel?
O’Neill: No sir.
Hammond: Good luck. And godspeed.

McKay: I give this no more than a 50-50 chance of this working.
Hammond: According to the tape it worked for eight years.