Sherlock Molly Hooper

Series 2


Louise Brealey

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A Scandal in Belgravia

Molly Hooper (Louise Brealey): Having our Christmas drinkies then?
Sherlock: No stopping them, apparently.
Mrs. Hudson: It’s the one day of the year where the boys have to be nice to me so it’s always worth it.

Molly: How’s the hip?
Mrs. Hudson: Oh it’s atrocious. Thanks for asking.
Molly: I’ve seen much worse. But then I do post-mortems.

Sherlock: I see you’ve got a new boyfriend, Molly, and you’re serious about him.
Molly: What? Sorry what?
Sherlock: In fact you’re seeing him this very night and giving him a gift.
Watson: Take a day off.
Lestrade: Sherlock, have a drink.
Sherlock: Oh come on. Surely you’ve all seen the present at the top of the bag. Perfectly wrapped with a bow. All the others are slapdash at best. Must be someone special then. Shade of red echoes the lipstick. Either a subsonscious association or one that she’s deliberately trying to encourage. Either way, Miss Hooper has love on her mind. The fact that she’s serious about him is clear from the fact that she’s giving him a gift at all. That all suggests long-term hopes, however forlorn. And that she’s seeing him tonight is evident from the make-up and what she’s wearing. Obviously trying to compensate for the size of her mouth and breasts.
: You always say such horrible things. Every time. Always. Always…
Sherlock: I am sorry. Forgive me. Merry Christmas, Molly Hooper.

Sherlock: You didn’t need to come in, Molly.
Molly: That’s okay. Everyone else was busy with… Christmas. Ah, the face is a bit sort of bashed up, so it might be a bit difficult.
Mycroft: That’s her, isn’t it?
Sherlock: Show me the rest of her. {Molly pulls the sheet} That’s her.
Mycroft: Thank you, Miss Hooper.
Molly: Who is she? How did Sherlock recognize her from… not her face?

The Reichenbach Fall

Sherlock: Molly!
Molly Hooper: Oh hello. I’m just going out.
Sherlock: No you’re not.
Molly: I’ve got a lunch date.
Sherlock: Cancel it. You’re having lunch with me.
Molly: What?
Sherlock: I need your help. It’s one of your boyfriends. We’re trying to track him down. He’s been a bit naughty.
Watson: It’s Moriarty?
Sherlock: ‘Course it’s Moriarty.
Molly: Jim wasn’t actually my boyfriend. We went out three times. I ended it.
Sherlock: Yes, and he stole the Crown Jewels, broke into the Bank of England and organized a prison break at Pentonville. For the sake of law and order I suggest you avoid all future attempts at a relationship, Molly.

Molly: Alkaline.
Sherlock: Thank you, John.
Molly: Molly.
Sherlock: Yes.

Molly Hooper: You’re a bit like my dad. He’s dead. No, sorry—
Sherlock: Molly, please don’t feel the need to make conversation. It’s really not your area.
Molly: When he was dying, he was always cheerful, he was lovely. Except when he thought no one could see. I saw him once. He looked sad.
Sherlock: Molly.
Molly: You look sad. When you think he can’t see you.

Molly: Are you okay? Don’t just say you are, because I know what that means—looking sad when you think no one can see you.
Sherlock: You can see me.
Molly: I don’t count. What I’m trying to say is, if there’s anything I can do—anything you need, anything at all—you can have me. No, I just mean. I mean, if there’s anything you need, it’s fine.
Sherlock: What could I need from you?
Molly: Nothing. I don’t know. You could probably say thank you, actually.
Sherlock: Thank you.

Molly: I’m just going to go and get some crisps. Do you want anything? It’s okay. I know you don’t.
Sherlock: Well actually, maybe I—
Molly: I know you don’t.

Sherlock: You’re wrong, you know. You do count. You’ve always counted and I’ve always trusted you. But you were right. I’m not okay.
Molly: Tell me what’s wrong.
Sherlock: Molly, I think I’m going to die.
Molly: What do you need?
Sherlock: If I wasn’t everything that you think I am, everything that I think I am, would you still want to help me?
Molly: What do you need?
Sherlock: You.