Doctor Who Specials

Planet of the Dead


Adam James  Daniel Kaluuya  Ellen Thomas  Keith Parry  Lee Evans  Michelle Ryan  Noma Dumezweni  Reginald Tsiboe  Victoria Alcock

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Christina (Michelle Ryan): So terribly sorry. That card-paying device thing. That’s a lobster card, am I right?
Bus Driver (Keith Parry): Oyster card.
Christina: Ah that’s the problem you see. I only use my oyster when there’s an “R” in the month.
Bus Driver: It’s April.
Christina: Diamonds. Genuine. Drive.
Bus Driver: Works for me.

The Doctor: Hello, I’m the Doctor. Happy Easter!

The Doctor: Funny thing is, I don’t usually do Easter. I can never find it. It’s always at a different time. Although! I remember the original. Between you and me, what really happened was—

The Doctor: Rundium particles. That what I’m looking for. This thing detects them. That little dish should go around. That little dish there.
Christina: Right now a way out would come in pretty handy. Can you detect me one of those?

Carmen (Ellen Thomas): Lou, can you hear them?
Lou (Reginald Tsiboe): Hear what sweetheart?
Carmen: The voices. So many voices. Calling to us. Calling so far.
The Doctor: Ah! The little dish is going around.
Christina: Fascinating.
The Doctor: And around. Woah—
Angela (Victoria Alcock): Excuse me, do you mind?
The Doctor: Sorry. That was my little dish.
Christina: Can’t you turn that thing off?
The Doctor: What’s your name?
Christina: Christina.
The Doctor: Christina. Hold on tight. Everyone, hold on!

The Doctor: Call it a hunch but I think we’ve gone a little bit further than Brigstown.

Carmen: I’m not going out there. They’re still calling. All around us. The voices are cryin’.
Lou: What voices, sweetheart?
Carmen: The dead. We’re surrounded by the dead.

Christina: Ready for every emergency.
The Doctor: Me too.

Christina: You’re called the Doctor?
The Doctor: Yes I am.
Christina: That’s not a name, that’s a psychological condition.

Barclay (Daniel Kaluuya): Hold on a minute. I saw you man! You had that thing— that thing. Did you make this happen?
The Doctor: Oh… humans on buses. Always blaming me. Look if you must know I was tracking a hole in the fabric of reality (call it a hobby) but it was a tiny little hole. No danger to anyone.

Christina: Then we have to drive five tons of bus—which is currently buried in the sand—and we’ve got nothing but our bare hands. Correct?
The Doctor: I’d say nine and a half tons. But the point still stands.

Lou: She’s got a gift. Ever since she was a little girl. She can just tell things. We do the lottery twice a week.
Christina: You don’t look like millionaires.
Lou: No. But we win ten pounds. Every week, twice a week, ten pounds. Don’t tell me that’s not a gift.

The Doctor: Never mind losing half the top deck. You know what’s worse? Sand.

The Doctor: It’d be easier if you left that backpack behind.
Christina: Where I go it goes.
The Doctor: Backpack with a spade and an ax. Christina, who’s going so far away and yet scared by the sound of a siren. Who are you?
Christina: You can talk. Let’s just say we’re two equal mysteries.
The Doctor: We make quite a couple.
Christina: We don’t make any sort of couple, thank you very much. C’mon then, tell me. If Carmen’s right—that wormhole’s not an accident—then what is it? Has someone done this on purpose.
The Doctor: I don’t know. But every single instinct of mine is telling me to get off this planet right now.
Christina: Do you think we can?
The Doctor: I live in hope.
Christina: That must be nice.

Christina: It’s Christina DeSouza. To be precise, Lady Christina DeSouza.
The Doctor: Oh. That’s handy. ‘Cause I’m a Lord.
Christina: Seriously? Lord of where?
The Doctor: It’s quite a big estate.

The Doctor: Bit of a hush, thank you. Gotta remember the number. Very important number.
Pizza Geronimo: Hello, Pizza Geronimo.
The Doctor: Then again.

Captain Magambo (Noma Dumezweni): Captain Arissa Magambo, sir. Might I say sir. It’s an honor. She salutes
The Doctor: Did you just salute?
Captain Magambo: No.

It’s the Doctor.
Dr. Malcolm Taylor (Lee Evans): No, I’m alright now, thanks. It’s just a bit of a sore throat. I gotta be honest, a cup of tea might be nice.

Dr. Malcolm Taylor: Cor, blimey! I can’t believe I’m actually speaking to you. I mean I’ve read all the files.
The Doctor: Really? What was your favorite? Giant robot? No no! Let’s sort out that wormhole.

Dr. Malcolm Taylor: I’m registering an oscillation of 15 Malcolms per second.
The Doctor: Fifteen what?
Dr. Malcolm Taylor: Fifteen Malcolms. It’s my own little term.

The Doctor: You named a unit of measure after yourself?
Dr. Malcolm Taylor: Well it didn’t do Mr. Watt any harm. Furthermore, one hundred Malcolms equals a Bernard.
The Doctor: Who’s that, your dad?
Dr. Malcolm Taylor: Don’t be ridiculous. That’s Quatermass.

The Doctor: That’s “wait”. I shout “wait”, people usually listen. That’s begging for mercy.
Christina: That means “move”.
The Doctor: Oo! You’re learning.

The Doctor: Since I’ve met you Christina we’ve been through all the extremes.
Christina: That’s how I like things. Extreme.

Christina: What are they doing?
The Doctor: They believe me.
Christina: What, it’s as simple as that?
The Doctor: I’ve got a very honest face. And the translator says I’m telling the truth. Plus the face.

Christina: That lordship of yours. Lord of where, exactly.
The Doctor: Of Time. I come from a race of people called Time Lords.
Christina: You’re an alien.
The Doctor: Yeah… You don’t have to kiss me either.
Christina: You look human.
The Doctor: You look Time Lord.

The Doctor: Incredible. They swarm out the wormhole, strip the planet bare, and then move on to the next world. To start the life cycle again.
Christina: So… they make the wormholes?
The Doctor: They must do.
Christina: But how? They don’t exactly look like technicians. And if the wormhole belongs to them why are they a hundred miles away?
The Doctor: Because they need to be? Oh that’s bonkers.

Christina: How does the crystal drive the bus?
The Doctor: In a… super clever outer-spacey way.

Christina: The aristocracy survives for a reason. We’re ready for anything.

The Doctor: Oh the places I’ve been. WWI. The creation of the universe. The end of the universe. The war between China and Japan. And… the court of King Athelstan in 924 AD. I don’t remember you being there.

The Doctor: I need something non-corrosive. Something malleable. Something ductile. Something… gold.
Christina: Oh no you don’t.
The Doctor: Christina, what is it worth now?
Barclay: Hey hey, use this.
The Doctor: I said gold.
Barclay: It is gold.
The Doctor: Oh they saw you coming.

Christina: It’s over a thousand years old. Worth 18 million pounds. Promise me you’ll be careful.
The Doctor: I promise. gingerly lifts the cup from his hands and proceeds to bang the crap out of it
Christina: I hate you.

Carmen: Doctor. You take care now.
The Doctor: You too. Chops and gravy. Lovely.
Carmen: No. You be careful. Because your song is ending, sir.
The Doctor: What d’you mean?
Carmen: It is returning. It is returning through the dark. And then Doctor— Oh but then… He will knock four times.

DI McMillan (): I’m charging you too. Aiding and abetting.
The Doctor: Yes. I’ll just step inside this police box and arrest myself.

Christina: We could have been so good together.
The Doctor: Christina! We were.