Doctor Who Series 2

The Age of Steel


Andrew Hayden-Smith  Camille Coduri  Colin Spaull  Helen Griffin  Roger Lloyd Pack  Shaun Dingwall

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Mrs. Moore (Helen Griffin): Finished chatting? I’ve never seen a slower getaway in my life!

Pete (Shaun Dingwall): I thought I was broadcasting to the security services. What do I get? Scooby Doo and his gang. They’ve even got the van.
Mickey: No no no. But the Preacher’s not what he’s doing. Ricky said he’s London’s most wanted.
Ricky: Yeah that’s not exactly…
Mickey: Not exactly what?
Ricky: I’m London’s most wanted for parking tickets.
Pete: Oh great.
Ricky: Yeah, they were deliberate. I was fighting the system. Park anywhere, that’s me.
The Doctor: Good policy. I do much the same. I’m the Doctor, by the way. If anyone’s interested.
Rose: And I’m Rose. Hello.
Pete: Even better. That’s the name of my dog. Still, at least I’ve got the catering staff on my side.

Lumic (Roger Lloyd Pack): Activate earpod primary sequence.
Computer: Please state area of activation.
Lumic: The city of London. I’ve just declared independence.

The Doctor: The human race. For such an intelligent lot you aren’t half susceptible. Give anyone a chance to take control and you submit. Sometimes I think you like it. Easy life.

Cyberman: This one is unprogrammed.
Lumic: Mr. Crane, I thought you were one of the faithful.
Mr. Crane (Colin Spaull): Oh that I am, sir. My earpod must have malfunctioned. For which I apologize.

The Doctor: The whole of London’s been sealed off and the entire population’s been taken inside that place. To be converted.
Rose: We’ve got to get in there and shut it down.
Mickey: How do we do that?
The Doctor: Oh, I’ll think of something.
Mickey: You’re just making this up as you go along.
The Doctor: Yep. But I do it brilliantly.

Mickey: What about me?
The Doctor: Mickey. You can, um…
Mickey: Stay out of trouble and be the tin dog? No, those days are over. I’m going with Jake.
Jake (Andrew Hayden-Smith): I don’t need you, idiot.
Mickey: I’m not an idiot! You got that? I’m offering to help.
Jake: Whatever.
The Doctor: Mickey. Good luck.

The Doctor: You haven’t got a hot dog in there, have you? I’m starving.
Mrs. Moore: Of all the things to wish for. That’s mechanically-recovered meat.
The Doctor: I know. It’s Cybermen of food but it’s tasty.

Pete: We could die in there. Why are you doing this?
Rose: Let’s just say I’m doing it for my mom and dad.

Jake: Two guards. We can take them.
Mickey: Don’t kill them.
Jake: Who put you in charge?
Mickey: If you kill them, what’s the difference between you and the Cybermen?

Mickey: There’s gotta be more guards on board.
Jake: Then let’s go get them.

The Doctor: Oh, good team, Mrs. Moore!

Pete: You okay?
Rose: No.

The Doctor: I’ve been captured. But don’t worry, Rose and Pete are out there. They can rescue me. Oh well, never mind.

The Doctor: That’s my friends at work. Good boys! Mr. Lumic, I think that’s a vote for free will.
I have factories waiting on seven continents. If the earpods have failed then the Cybermen will take humanity by force. London has fallen. So shall the world.

The Doctor: Oh Lumic. You’re a clever man. I’d call you a genius except I’m in the room.

Lumic: What have you done?
The Doctor: I gave them back their souls. And it’s killing them!

Rose: Mickey, where’d you learn to fly that thing?!
Mickey: Playstation. Just hold on Rose. I’m coming to get you.

Mickey: Thing is, I’m staying.
The Doctor: You’re doing what?
Rose: You can’t.
Mickey: It sort of balances out, ’cause this world lost its Ricky. But there’s me. And there’s work to be done with all those Cybermen still out there.
Rose: But you can’t stay.
Mickey: Rose, my Gran’s here. She’s still alive, my old Gran. Remember her? She needs me.
Rose: What about me, what if I need you?
Mickey: Yeah but Rose, you don’t. It’s just you and him isn’t it? We had something a long time ago but… not anymore.

Mickey: Jake, you’ll want to watch this. That’s the Doctor. In the TARDIS. With Rose Tyler.

Jackie (Camille Coduri): Where’s Mickey?
The Doctor: He’s gone home.

Mickey: I know it’s not easy with my face looking exactly like Ricky. But I’m a different man, I’m not replacing him. But we can remember him by fighting in his name. Of all the Cyberfactories out there, d’you think there’d be one in Paris?
Jake: Yeah.
Mickey: Then let’s go liberate Paris.
Jake: What, you and me? In a van?
Mickey: Nothing wrong with a van. I once saved the Universe with a big yellow truck.