Doctor Who Series 3

Human Nature


Harry Lloyd  Jessica Hynes  Thomas Sangster

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John Smith: Funny how dreams slip away.

Martha: It’s Monday, November 14th, 1913. And you’re completely human. As human as they come.
John Smith: Hm. That’s me. Completely human.

John Smith: That’s the Box. The Blue Box. It’s always there. Like a magic carpet. This funny little box that transports me to faraway places.

John Smith: Er, I wouldn’t want to—
Nurse Joan Redfern (Jessica Hynes): The stairs—
John Smith: What about the stairs?
Nurse Joan Redfern: They’re right behind you.

Just think of it. In a few years time boys like that’ll be running the country.
Martha: 1913. They might not.

Martha: You had to, didn’t you? You had to go and fall in love with a human. And it isn’t me.

The Doctor: This watch is me.
Martha: Right. Okay, hold on.

Martha: But if you’re gonna rewrite every single living cell, isn’t it gonna hurt?
The Doctor: Oh yeah, it’ll hurt.

Nurse Joan Redfern: If there is another war, they won’t find it so amusing.
John Smith: Great Britain is at peace. Long may it reign.

Tim Latimer (Thomas Sangster): That’s exactly the problem, Sir. They only have spears.
Headmaster: Oh dear me. Latimer takes it upon himself to tell us all how wrong we are. I hope one day Latimer we might have a just and proper war in which to prove yourself.

Nurse Joan Redfern: It’s all becoming clear now. The Doctor is doing the things you’d like to be doing.

Nurse Joan Redfern: Widows aren’t supposed to be beautiful. I think the world would rather we stopped. Is that fair?
John Smith: That’s not fair at all.

Baines (Harry Lloyd): Just shut up stop talking cease and desist there’s a good girl!

Brother/Baines: Which one of them do you want us to kill—your friend or your lover?

Nurse Joan Redfern: You best give me some warning. Can you actually dance?
John Smith: Um. I’m not certain.